A&A Sculpt Production Costs

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    I was reading a BBC News article on Lego blocks and this sentence caught my attention: “The cost of creating a new Lego brick, mainly setting up moulds and production processes, is usually about $50,000.”  It made me wonder (just as a theoretical question, since I doubt that the figures are publicly available anywhere) if that’s similar to what it costs WotC to create a new A&A sculpt.  It’s hard to guess: A&A sculpts are smaller than many Lego pieces, but on the other hand Lego bricks have to be made with very precise tolerances (as small as 2 micrometres, apparently) in order for the interlocking parts to fit together properly.

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    I can’t wait for the day when 3-D printers are finally priced down to a reasonable consumer level so hobbyists can go nuts making their own sculpts.

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