TV programs U Loved that didn't make it…

  • A rebirth of cystic crypt’s Serenity forum…

    For me…
    Firefly, Sports Night(two seasons only), one dark futuristic SciFi program of which I cannot recall the name(beat up space station with little hope of improvements…three to six episodes and then poof.)

    I’m getting so I like offbeat shows…
    and movies even if I can figure out the ending.

    Enterprise hadn’t really grabbed me, though I was disappointed that they used Troi and Riker as fluff for the finale.

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    MY list:

    Sanford Arms (starring Red Foxx)
    CPO Sharkey (early 1970’s)
    Space 1999 (only 2 seasons)
    Allo Allo (only 6 episodes in a damm season not enough episodes)
    Faulty Towers ( only two damm seasons- best comedy)
    The Munsters ( 2 seasons but a classic)
    Dave Chappell ( “Im rick James… Bitch” 2 seasons and part of third cut way too short… best black comedy since Sanford and Son.

  • the munsters are a fovorite.

  • There was another show around the time of Firefly (also on Fox) that i quite liked. I can’t remember the name of it, however it was about a guy found on a desert island. He was brought back to civilization, but he had a freakishly brilliant mind and helped cops solve crimes. I was really curious as to where it was going.

    Also what i found was funny - The Family Guy was killed and then resurrected. You have to watch the first 5 minutes when he list all the show which would have to fail for them to return to air.

  • Space 1999…the Moon was free floating into the cosmos b/c of a nuked Earth.

    F Towers…great stuff!

    Munsters…didn’t catch the copycat popularity wave. I think it had some tough competition in it’s timeslot.

    Dave Chappell… the adult version of a child star pushed to stardom/drugs/fanatics/etc. … too much pressure on one guy. I understand he wrote it all.

    cystic c, the show name escapes me, but the star(Dominick ??) is on the show Prisonbreak. It was an island off the coast of Seattle. He had no memory of his past, but little cracks began to show. He hired an assistant who saw the “writing on the wall” and left the show before the axe fell!

    Anyone else tired of more mysteries with NO ANSWERS on Lost ?

    My mom loved Becker with Ted Dansen as a grumpy doc in a private practise clinic in NY(??). He ate at a diner run for most of the first three years by the gal who jumped off ST:DS9(Dax)…3 years there, too and she saw the “can only act in ST and other SF series” label being stamped on her resume’. After that seems no one trusts her to be a lead/support in any show. I wonder why?

  • the name was “John Doe”

    i too liked it
    my fav tho was futurama. shame that didnt make it

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