• Hey guys i was thinking about buying Historical blard gamings global map, and i already know its really big, but if anyone of you guys have axis and allies 1940 global and HBG big 1939 global map, can you do a comparison taking photos with the boards next to eachother and on top of one another. Just wanna see how big it really is compared to eachother… Thank you

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    Hi ANZAC.  For the HBG 1939 map, think of a 4x8 sheet of plywood.  Its is HUGE and awesome.  You need a big room for that size table plus room to walk around on all 4 sides.  I only played the 1939 game one time and I can say it is definitely superior in a hundred different ways, but playing it is an order of magnitude more complex than global 1940.  Global 1940 seems like the kiddie game next to it, which is nuts because global 1940 is not an easy game by any means.  I’d say your best bet is to get the global 1940 if only for the pieces, and then blow the extra money for the 1939 map and elite pieces if and when you and your crew outgrow it.  Another option is to play 1940 on this site with triplea.

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