• Hi all, just bought the A&A Europe box.
    When setting the game up for the first time I noticed that all
    countries has a different amount of units ??

    No big deal really, except for the German infantry, only 12 pcs !
    Not enough for the starting set up on map ! :x

    How many units for each country should there be in the game ?

    Thankful for any help/info.


  • I just bought the game also and, like you, am missing units.
    On the back of the box it says there should be 100 infantry.
    I only have 74, 13 are missing for germany and 13 for USA (I’m assuming each team should have 25 infantry).
    There are 6 destroyers missing but can’t tell for wich team.

    Anyway, I’m gona go back at the store to get an other box or get a refund if they are all like that.

  • Email them, they’ll probably replace your pieces. They did for chips when I asked.

  • I finaly went back to the store. They offered to exchange the box but first they opened the new one to check if it was ok.
    That one was also missing pieces. They opened an other one, same thing. I guess all the ones they had were like that.

    They offered to reimburse me but I asked if it would be ok if I kept the pieces from 2 box and they agreed !  😄

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