• Hiya Folks,

    I have been trying to read through the many versions of questions and answers, but can’t find my question so here it is ( No.1 ).

    1. Can you buy a new Aircraft Carrier and new fighter/TAC bomber on same turn and in Placing New Units place your new air units on the new AC? Or does the new air units MUST be in that territory with your IC?


    1. Can you fly your returning fighter ( from a battle ) on your new AC? ( think I read a few times it is possible…so YES ).
    2. Same question, can you fly your non combat air on your newly built AC?

    These are the OOB original G40 rules.

    Cheers for your help,


  • Morning Bravehart. You can do a three of the things you have asked.
    For 1: you can choose to place Air units  in the territory in which the IC is found or off the sea where you have an IC, just like you would a Naval Unit.
    For 2 and 3: if you bought a Carrier in your Purchases Round, in Non Combat you can fly 2 Ft/Tacs to a SZ which borders an IC you own, awaiting the placement of the earlier purchased Carrier.

  • Customizer

    Yes to all three questions.
    Newly purchased fighters and/or tacs may be placed on a newly purchased aircraft carrier (in the same sea zone of course).
    Newly purchased fighters and/or tacs may also be placed on an existing carrier provided you move that carrier into the sea zone next to your IC.
    Existing planes out on combat may return and land on a newly purchased carrier.
    Also, any ground based planes (except bombers) may non-combat move to land on a newly purchased carrier.
    In the case of existing planes returning from combat missions OR just using their non-combat move, the planes end their movement in the sea zone where you plan on placing the carrier. Then in your place new units phase, you place the carrier and move the planes from the sea zone onto the carrier.

    I think all this is covered on page 22 of the Europe 1940 2nd edition rulebook. For the 1st edition it’s page 21.

  • Hi knp and Wittman,

    Thanks for this aircraft carrier and fighter/TAC answers. This is really good to know, will re read those pages to see how Larry and the gang wrote it! Pretty amazing the quality relationship with air and AC.


  • Yup. This rule can even be “cheated”.

    All air attacks require a valid potential landing zone. If you purchase a carrier and display that you can build it in a sea zone to give your planes a potential landing zone, but then the planes die (which you might have known would happen beforehand  :wink:), you don’t have to build the carrier there, and may choose to build it somewhere else.
    But if 1 plane survived, you still have to build it as originally “planned”.

  • Customizer

    Yeah, I have to admit that I have done that in the case of existing carriers. I say I will move the carrier to a certain spot so planes involved in a battle close by can land. Then the planes get killed (which I figured they would) so I leave my carrier where it is or move it to a “better” place.

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