Britian and Australia , USA and China

  • Here’s a question thats been on my mind for a while……

    How can you tell British troops apart from Australian troops besides the two Australian NCMs?

    I took the Blue game pieces form A&A 1939 game and am using them as Australian.

    I Then took the Chinese game pieces from the A&A 1939 game and used them as Chinese to tell the differents between USA and Chinese players ?

    Is this wrong to do that ? How else are you suppose to keep track of who gets the money?

    Comments are more than welcomed on this one. Thanks!!!

  • Australia and India attack on the same turn and can even attack together. It is the same thing for United states China. So you don’t need different colors.

    Australia can only buy new material in Australia. India is limited to India. Chinese caqn only build infantry and US have to put em in Hawai or West coast.

    There is no mistake possible.

  • AAP comes with seperate chinese pieces.

  • The austrailians and indians are both british so you don’t need to be able to tell them apart. The indians and austrailians merely buy seperately, everything else happens together.

  • I find their accent sufficient to determine Australian or Indian, Chineese or American, but thats me!

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    Using the W@W pieces is a good idea in theory however the problem I have is that, being blue, they apear dead which suits French troops, but not Ausies. :razz:

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