Garg's Notes: Russian Defence Doctrine

  • I was thinking the same. USA has 1 FTR + 1 STR in range already and the TRS with load can make it as well if need be. As does the CA as a possible blocker.

    US1 produces 4 STR and London has an extra FTR, 5STR, 1INF, 1ARM for defense. And that’s with the USA spent ‘only’ 48 IPCs in Europe. All options are still open after that :).

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    Interesting… So you would rather buy 4 bombers on round 1 instead of building an Atlantic fleet?

    Basically 😄

    Though 4 might be overkill, but an investment of 24 ipcs puts 2 additional pips on London, 36 puts 3 additional. And they can still springboard out after for pretty crushing attacks. Now at first glance that might not seem the best bargain you’ve ever heard of, but when you consider what a pain it is cover London early, and how even a few extra pips can free up British units in the process, its starts to make a lot more sense to me. Usually what I see is a bomber combo, where USA spends roughly half to 2/3rds of their income on bombers, and the rest on creeper builds.

    So for example, if you go with 36 in strat bombers, that leaves you with 16 in change for fleet prep.

    Then in the second round, you have the option, either to drop ships for a safer move out of the atlantic fleet, or to magnify the strat bomber threat even further. With the 3 bomber buy on USA1 (36 ipcs) its then possible on USA2 to have a a pretty massive bomber armada, depending on how much you invest in the second round. This can really pin down any Axis ship movements, and make it much harder for them to move what naval vessels they still have afloat, or might risk building. The investment is pretty cheap even on defense, for what you get on the movement advantage. If you drop down to just a pair of strat bombers, you can still get 3 total pips onto a territory defense (including the bomber you already have in central.) And that leaves a fairly decent chunk of change left over for other things. I feel like buy bombers with USA is putting the Axis admiralty on notice, clearing the way for a stronger ship drop in subsequent rounds. Bombers make any expeditionary force that is trying to threaten invasions that much more potent. I see them as being very useful in support of an Atlantic crossing, which is inevitable, if Allies want to get anything serious done in Europe. Basically they are bolstering any amphibious attacks Allies that the allies can put into position. And again, they are can do this and still be in range of Russia, which is a nice perk.

    I don’t generally use the bombers to bomb, I still feel they are better in a combat role and too expensive to risk, but the option is on the table for those you like to take a gamble occasionally. 😉

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    ghr2 - Those are definitely helpful. The fighter will take 2 turns to make it but it can and the Bomber can make it on turn 1.  I have on a few games risked a sub against USA’s Cruiser off the coast.  Its a lucky move but if it works it helps reinforce Sealion.  Not that bad of a risk for 1 sub.  Also unless the remaining UK DDs clean up the Atlantic its easy to use a leftover sub to attack or prevent the transport from unloading.  But the two planes plus any bombers you buy round 1 are definitely able to make it.

  • Needed to bump this for my Russia strategy video.

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