Russian Revolution

  • The scenario.

    Two Moscow adjacent territories are under CP control. One Moscow adjacent territory in contested. Another territory not adjacent to Moscow is contested. Moscow is contested and about to fall removing the Russian Revolution option. If the Moscow adjacent territory goes under CP control, the Russian Revolution happens saving Moscow.

    On Moscow’s turn, knowing it can’t hold Moscow, simply withdraws his troops from the one Moscow adjacent territory that is contested back to Moscow.

    The question, the instant it withdrawals its troops back to Moscow that was contested, does that territory immediately goes under CP full control, thus fulfilling the Russian Revolution condition at the end of the Russian turn, saving Moscow.

    The argument against this is: The minute Russian troops pull out, the CP power in that territory can’t place his marker and gain its income until that CP powers next turn, thus allowing them to attack Moscow the next turn, taking Moscow and avoiding the Russian Revolution.

  • Yes. When Russia left the territory it came under the sole control of the CP. Under the conditions you state the Russian Revolution would happen.

    Also, the CP power would place his control marker on the territory immediately, but not gain income until his next Collect Income Phase.

    I noticed how you spoke of the Revolution “saving” Moscow. I know what you mean. The Revolution can be both good and bad for the CP. I recommend whether to play with or without the Revolution being a decision the German player alone makes before the game starts.

  • Official Q&A

    EnoughSaid is correct - the Revolution will occur.  However, under the latest FAQ, this will not necessarily “save Moscow”, as the Central Powers now have the option to decline the armistice and continue the war.

  • 😮

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