On a scale of political ideology…

  • I may be opening a can of worms here, but I’m just curious about the political demographics of the forum in general…

  • can you add Libertarian, proto-fascist, national socialist, socialist, communist, and Imperious Leader to the poll?

    I just dont fit in any slots you have mentioned. something like the great circle of ideas… how they actually connect both ends of the political spectrum. I think i fall nearly exactly between Cylon dictatorship of the human race and total anarchy of values… AKA " Hobbesian State of Nature." with a modified self interest driven national economy. I am not conservative or “neo” conservative and i dont believe theirs any need for organized religion (at least state supported).

  • Anarchist???

  • Theres no one continuum where your political ideology can be summed up. A two-dimensional system is the best you can do.

    Even on your system, you have yet to define your terms. What is “liberal”. One can argue that all modern idealogies hail from liberalism. If I claim to be conservative, am I a modern conservative or a neo-conservative. Am I a Burkian conservative?

    In terms of idealogy, I identify myself as a mix of Classical Liberal and Modern Liberal. But I’m thinking more and more that I am a pragmatist.

  • I am more concerned that there are three positions of one side and two on the other side of “the middle of the road”.
    Seems like there are some a-priori assumptions in there :).

  • liberal and conservative mean different things here and now then in the past, and different things than present day in other countries.
    they also are incomplete labels.
    i would be considered a social liberal in many respects, but not all. im an foreign policy conservative in many respects, but not all. so you need to clarify.

  • I guess everybody here knows that Im a nationalistic capitalist. In short, im as conservative as they come. :)

  • You may have opened a can of worms, but I know EXACTLY how that feels… Anyway, I chose liberal, if only because there are certain aspects of government, society, and well, daily life that I think could use some major changes. :D

  • Sorry guys, ‘Strongly Liberal’ didn’t get posted as an option–I don’t know what happened. I’ll rectify it, and you guys can vote again if you like. :oops:

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