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    The idea of a 1916 scenario was introduced in a house rule topic, and I was wondering what people think of the possibility of a 1914 re-release moving the war forward a couple of years.

    What would the designers/publishers need to do to make a new version worth buying, considering most of the potential market already own 1914?

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    It’s possible that the designers may have intentionally left the door open for such a variation.  I may be reading too much into this, but note that the game is called “A&A WWI: 1914”, not simply “A&A WWI”.  On one level, you could say that the “1914” part is redundant unless it’s a potential way of distinguishing the game from hypothetical versions set in 1915, 1916, or 1917…and even possibly 1918, though I think that one’s too much of a stretch.

    On the other hand, leaving the door open does not in itself prove that the designers have any actual plans to make use of it.  So who knows.

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