• If the Romanian’s, for example, want to build a transport in the Black Sea, do they need a naval base first?

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    Yes, with a factory also.

  • I believe you may be mistaken. The minors build without the need of an IC.

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    larrie, you might be right and that will need to be changed also in the rule updates if the minors can build ships with or without a naval base. I dont have rules in front of me so I will look later.

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    A Naval Base would definitely be required.

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    It does say in rules newly built naval units may only be placed in sea zones containing a naval base and an Industrial Complex.  So if minors can build without a factory then they would need to have a naval base.

  • Then how are any of the neutral navies present without naval bases in those territories?

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    Now that is a good question.

    Here is my feeble attempt to answer it; though I’m sure you are aware.

    Many of these countries did not have ship building facilities of their own capable of building warships. The work was contracted out to shipyards in England for instance.

    This being said, it doesn’t mean they didn’t have ports/facilities/bases capable of supporting their navies.

    Which gets me back to your question. Why don’t neutrals such as Turkey, Spain, Argentina, Brazil have naval bases?

    I did notice that the Global '36 pictures on HBG’s Facebook page showed some in these places. Also noticed the shipyard markers.

    And, on another note, I was happy to see the Falkland Islands/los Malvinas as well.

  • Here is another thought. Since Germany can build an IC there, it stands to reason that Germany could also build a naval base. Which now brings the question… Could Romania now build a transport using the German naval base that is on Romanian soil?

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    As long as there is a naval base and IC then you can build ships.  Smae idea as capturing a territory with a Major IC and a Naval base.

    As for the ships that are on the setup for countries without naval bases……lets not get too technical!  BUT, Koba is correct…That is why we changed the Battleships to Coastal Battleships.

  • I think you may be missing my point. Since the axis minors have the ability to build without need of an IC, then it would stand to reason that they could build ships only with the naval base being required. It makes no sense to say you can build a tank or a plane without a factory, but, you need one to build a transport.

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    Larrie, In the new 7.2 setup all axis minors have a minor factory. So all you would need is to buy a naval base.  But I don’t know how that is going to affect Germanys right to build minor factorys in axis minor territorys. So now can Germany upgrade the minor factory to a major factory?

  • @SS:

    But I don’t know how that is going to affect Germanys right to build minor factorys in axis minor territorys. So now can Germany upgrade the minor factory to a major factory?

    The way I would interpret it is that the minor factories (in the setup of 7.2, as you posted) in the minor Axis countries belong to the minor Axis countries.  Germany has to build its own factories there if it wants to produce in those areas.  There will be two separate factories in the same territory if Germany does decide to build in those areas.  I’ve made a house rule during 6.1 about this because that’s what makes the most sense.  I’m not going to say this is the official ruling, but just how I would understand it.

  • I didn’t know ther was a 7.2. I thought that 7.1 was the most recent. Can you provide a link to 7.2?

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    I thought of same thing but should have posted it. I agree with ya 100%. Then just put a country token under each factory if needed.

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    I have been wondering about the Axis Minor ICs as well.

    Can Germany build on them?

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