Oil in Middle East IPC'S

  • Hi,

    I am introducing AnA to great Risk Players and thought start where I started AnA Europe 1941. However reading up on rules ( been a long many years ), and understand that the German player ( Axis ) can gobble up the IPC’s in the middle East and IPC is dished out from the Allied players.

    So What happens when the Allies would get back the Middle East territory’s? Does Germany simply give back the IPC’s ( reverse the deal ) and lower the 1-8 on the Nat Prod board on the left side ( 1-8) ? The rules don’t explain that situation, just focuses on the Axis’s advantage.

    If anyone out there happens NOT to be focused on AnAG40 and answer this question for me, that’ll be great!


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    Hi Bravehart.
    No money is given back by Germany, as that Oil chart is used each turn.
    If the level drops one turn, the Allies simply give Germany less income that turn (whatever the figure now is).This would happen until it gets back to zero.
    I hope that makes sense.

  • Wittmann,

    Thanks! So basically it’s upto the allies to be strong enough for germany not to keep gaining extra ipcs in mid east ( part of the challenge).

    Something else, reading about the Soviet transforming US or UK Land units into Soviets, if all 4 soviet indust units are still with soviet union.

    Question is: this can happen ONLY if all 4 indus units owned by soviets are owned, so in other words, if germany has at least one of the four city a soviet complex has, the trade off is canceled?

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    The Soviet Union is not required to control all four of its original Industrial Complexes in order to convert Allied units to its own.

  • Oh right,

    thanks K.

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