Question for Krieg: How To Roll Heavy Bombers Tech in Global?

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    Okay Krieghund, Here’s the question.

    When rolling for heavy bombers the tech says roll 2 dice for each bomber and select the best result. So when rolling for multiple heavy bombers what does that mean?

    A. Roll all bombers at once. As if 5 bombers roll 10D6. 7 hits are rolled but you only count a max of 5 because there are only 5 bombers?

    B. All bombers must roll one at a time because you won’t be able to tell which bomber made what hits when you roll them together?

    Answer A makes sense to me. However some have pointed out that rolling heavy bombers simultaneously, creates an unfair advantage by increasing the odds of all or most of the bombers making a hit due to the higher number of dice being rolled, where as if rolled singularly the odds of the bomber making a hit is much lower.

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    Thanks Krieg!

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