• Can you make an “Official 7.1 clarification thread”? Thanks.

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    Ill do this tonight.

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    Last game we played US sent 20 icp’s for 4 turns in a row and Axis got 40 icp’s and 40 icp’s went to bank. So it does happen.

    Thanks Tigerman for Baltic States update.

    Of the 5 times we have tried lend lease, 3 have ended up in axis hands, 1 was nothing, and the 5th was only 50% or whatever.

  • When we play the US sends 50% of their income every single turn (to people in the war). It’s usually 20/10/10/10 Russia/Uk/India/Anzac unless someone is in trouble. That means 4 separate rolls every turn to spread the risk. We never send more than 20 due to interception. We always send Russia 20 every turn and Anzac gets the least amount. Most of the money ends up making it into allied hands. Every third turn or so the Axis end up intercepting. Sometimes they intercept 20 IPC from Russia, but sometimes they only intercept 6 ipc from Anzac.

    Basically every turn 1 empire gets nothing from  lend lease, 1 gets about 1/2 the lend lease, 1 gets all the lend lease, and one roll can go any which way (statistically (some) money makes it to the allies most of the time).

  • Is 7.1 released?

  • Gargantua,

    Isn’t the Subs in convoy boxes modifying lend-lease part of an optional rule?  I believe lend-lease as written a 1 goes to the Axis, 2-4 lost, 5-7 50% lost, and 8 or higher 100% passed through.

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    There is a rule for lend lease in the Optional Rules for convoy raiding boxes on page 36.
    I believe that rule is to strong. IMO

  • i like the convoy zone optional rule, however i believe there should be a qualification that the axis still only gain the income on an actual roll of a 1.  this would represent the fact that subs can’t steal cargo, their sole goal was to destroy merchant ships not seize them.

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