Russia DOW Japan round 1?

  • I’ve been reading through some of the forum games here to glean strategy tips from past games and have really had my eyes opened to so many different strategies. There really are some excellent players on this forum, and I have decisively lowered my estimation of my own ability since joining here.

    Anyway, one thing I can’t really puzzle out is why I see so many Russian players DOW Japan on round 1? The only thing I can come up with, is that they want to deny Japan the mobility of passing through Mongolia in future–but at the cost of some free infantry. That doesn’t seem worth it to me…

    Also, doesn’t this further weaken the Allied strict neutral play, should it be used in future?

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    Russia usually declares war on Japan so they can reinforce China with mech and planes.

  • Russia DOWing Japan (or Japan DOWing Russia) does not change the Mongolian situation: that is only based on who invades enemy territory next to Mongolia (including Korea for Russia) first.

    So, while it might have some psychological effects to not declare war, doing so means you can reinforce China whenever you want, and also lets Americans move troops/planes into Russian far east territories as soon as Japan declares war on the western powers.

  • Interesting. So if the Allies invade Spain and Russia/Japan are still friendly, then Mongolia remains strict neutral? That appears to be the odd reality spelled out in the rule book, though I hadn’t thought that was the case.

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    Russia loses nothing by declaring war on Japan.  In addition to the benefits of Russian units in China, if Russia hasn’t declared on Japan, then the western Allies won’t be able to land planes there if Japan declares on them.

    Good question on Mongolia–I don’t know the answer.  Even if Japan can’t claim Mongolia, attacking neutrals is still a bad idea for Allies.  But a little bit less bad if Japan doesn’t get those +6 inf.

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    If you attack Spain all of the strict neutrals will become pro Axis or pro Allied depending on who attacked Spain.

    If the Allies attack Spain then Mongolia will stay strict neutral.  They will ONLY become pro-axis if Mongolia is attacked by Russia.

    If the Axis attack Spain then the Mongolians will become pro allies and can be activated by any ally including Russia.  If Japan attacks any Russian territory bordering Mongolia then they automatically become Russians.

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    I just had a curious thought.
    If Japan attacks Amur, then the Mongolians become Russian. If Japan doesn’t attack Russia but attacks Mongolia directly, then the Mongolians turn Pro-Allied (along with all the other strict neutrals unless you use neutral blocks).
    So, what if Japan attacks both Amur (Russia) AND directly attacks Mongolia in the same turn? Do the remaining Mongolians turn Russian or Pro-Allied?

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    Quoting the rule book:

    If Japan attacks any Soviet-controlled territory that is adjacent to any Mongolian territory, all Mongolian
    territories that are still strict neutral or pro-Allies, or have joined the Allies as a result of a failed Japanese attack, are placed under the control of the Soviet Union at the end of Japan’s Conduct Combat phase.

    So technically speaking, they first become pro-allied as Japan attacks them, and then become Russian.

    On a side note, I suppose that the Mongolians would remain neutral when Japan attacks a bordering territory that was originally Russian but is now no longer held by the Russians. For example: Germany takes Moscow, and a German tank drives all the way to Amur, capturing it. Next, the US captures Amur from the Germans. And then, Japan attacks the Americans in Amur. I think the Mongolians would remain neutral in that (unlikely) sceanrio.

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