• I am in the middle of an argument with a fellow player; maybe some of you can elaborate on a rule (or lack thereof).

    When rolling dice for attack and defend, is it an absolute rule that the combat must be resoloved one column at a time? for example, must the attacker roll dice for column (1) first, and then column (2) and so on?

    OR, is it posible to roll ALL units at the same time? for example, the attacker has (7) units total in that combat situation so he rolls (7) dice all at once and then assigns hits regardless of which units are in which columns.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Oh, I forgot to mention what the rules say. They are a little vague. This is from the rule book for AAP, page 13:

    “The attacking player may find it convenient to resolve all combat in section 1 first, then section 2 and so on. However, this is not required.”

    my friend’s contention is that it does not state that you CAN roll all dice at once and therefore it is against the rules.


  • I think rolling for all your units at once is against the rules. Say for instance you are attacking with 3 inf. 2 tank, and a bomber. Say you roll and you get 3 ones, two threes, and 1 4. You can then assign the dice to whichever units you want. It sounds like cheating to me

  • I agree, it does sound pretty cheap. I think the rule may be for if you had different coloured dice so you could assign a die to a unit and keep track of it while rolling; either that or it means you can roll the coloums out of order. Say you really wanted to see how your tanks did in an attack, you could roll for them, roll for your infantry, and then roll for your planes

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  • Yeah I suppose either method works fine. But for simplicity sake, just role for each type of unit starting from weakest to strongest.

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    When it gives you the option of rolling all the dice of one type at a time in the rules, this is opposed to rolling one die at a time for each individual unit.

  • what I usually do is, say I’m rolling 5 inf, a fighter, and three tanks(on attack), roll 5 white and 4 red and say that the red is for the 3’s and the white is for the 1’s.
    Or if it is a small battle where each side only has one type of unit, we roll at the same time.

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