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  • Hello all,
    is there a restriction for the US to place a minor IC in the Philippines at turn 1? I was sure there wasn’t, since its economic value is 2. However, tripleA does not allow it.
    My question, is there such thing as a restriction for a max of structures (air-, naval-bases, ICs) related to the territories value? This would explain why a minor IC cannot be placed in the Philippines (there are already 2 bases). However there is no such rule that I am aware of. Can anybody help?
    Thanks a lot. I hope this post is in the right thread, if not, please be indulgent and move it.

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    Restrictions on Placement

    Place new facilities in any eligible territory that you have
    controlled since the start of your turn. Unlike combat units,
    facilities do not require that an industrial complex be in the
    territory in which they are mobilized, and they do not count
    against the number of units that an industrial complex may
    mobilize (see above) if there is one there. Major industrial
    complexes can only be built on originally controlled (not
    captured) territories with an IPC value of 3 or higher. Minor
    industrial complexes can be built only in territories with an IPC
    value of 2 or higher. You can’t have more than one facility of
    the same type (industrial complex, air base, or naval base) per
    territory. Industrial complexes can’t be built on islands (see
    “Islands,” page ‘8’).

    HTH  🙂

  • Phil is an island, just that alone makes an IC impossible.

  • Looks like I have played it wrong a couple of times! Thanks for the swift clarification guys!

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