• Would this be a feasible strategy? I once played a game where the IJN successfully made its way into south Africa, made its way to the trans Jordan, and defeated America’s navy. (I was Japan :D) would this ever work again? (Germany screwed up btw, but if he didn’t, I we could have won)

  • Overall, Africa is a nice source of income and can be contested by both sides. However, there are many more important contested areas such as persia/caucasus, ukr/belo/kar, and WEur. Africa is worth 11IPC if i recall correctly.

    It’s optimal for Japan to contest the areas that it is logistically easy to influence. It’s normal for Japan to contest part of Africa after about round 5 once it moves into the indian ocean. Madagascar is under axis control and Egypt + other africa countries bordering the Indian ocean are contested. West African territories are harder to contest. South Africa favors Allies since UK starts with 1 inf there, but any side can potentially take it. It’s really out of the way though.

    If the US fleet was sunk, that was a serious mistake by the US player and shouldn’t happen. I prefer playing strategies that assume the other player is good, rather than counting on opponent mistakes to win.

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    It really depends on what USA does.
    Sometimes, if an important Japanese fleet is compromised too far away in the Indian Ocean.
    Then a large US fleet lurking near Hawaii can make a blockade over Japan and it takes 2 rounds to come back and fight USA.
    That’s the worst case scenario, I can think.

  • If the Allies go all out KGF, then it’s normal for Japan to take at least part of Africa. The loss of income for the UK then makes it harder for them to put pressure on Germany. Japan can also harass the US in Alaska in such scenarios. One of these fronts doesn’t exclude the other since the Japanese fleet can be divided into two or even three if the Pacific isn’t contested.

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    Yes it is feasible…in fact I just lost a match to a friend who controls Japan taking half of Africa and becoming an unstoppable monster!

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