• Welcome again to my how to be faq guides. Now about my Germany faq guide is still going thru a process if attacking Germany first is a good idea.

    Anywho lets get to Japan. My favorite country. (as you can tell from my Username.) The reason why I like Japan is because I think they are the sences of the Axis rather Germany is the Brain. Japan is like US because they don’t give up. The reason why the US never loses any war (except 1 or 2).
    Lets begin!

    1. Attack US. Attacking the US will neutralize the advancement on Germany.
    2. Occupy US. Occupying the US will make Japan have more money and will make Japan have alot more land.
    3. Attack Russia. Now if you read my first faq guide about Germany, you will know that the Germany will attack Russia about this time as well. Attack just the Eastern side and some of the central, Germany will everything else.
    4. Reinforcements. Reinforce Germany when you have to. Occupy more countries and just attack when needed.
    5. Now You basically won.
  • 2007 AAR League

    First off I’d like to say that I do very much enjoy reading about new strategies, that have not been thought off before.

    With that being said, I still cannot see how Japan would be able to attack and actually physically occupy the US.

    If you just count the Starting Income Japan is on 25 and US is on 36. Even if Japan captures CHI/SIN , Japan is still on 29 and US is on 32 (am I correct? I am getting used to Revised Income figures, and I am forgetting the 2nd ed numbers).

    Even so, if you have any specifics as to how an effective Japanese attack on the US could be conducted, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Cheers & best regards

  • I rarely hit the mainland US. Occasionally i will take ALA and have a few units there in case i wish to take MEX/PAN/BRA later. Attacking mainland US, however, is next to impossible to do properly as Japan (or Germany) unless you have a VERY weak Russia, and a formidable Germany.

    I agree - taking out SIN and CHI is valuable - especially to get rid of a pesky plane. As for Pearl Harbor - the jury is out on that, i think. We all do it most of the time as it is a quick and easy way to take out ~35 ipcs worth of stuff at a cost of ~8-20 ipcs worth.

    As for Russia - hit hard, hit fast, hit often.

  • Yes I know that 29 income of Japan and 32 of US. Now brainstorm about this… attack different countries. This will increase income and when you equal 33 you will can occupy the US.

  • Moderator

    You can’t realistically take a shot at the US till mid-game.

    Here’s why.

    J1 (Pearl assualt and taking of HI).

    US 1 - buy 10 inf place on WUS.

    J2 - what are you going to do assualt Mex, or Pan, or Ala???

    US 2 - move 10 inf to W can, buy 10 inf place on WUS.

    J3 - now what???

    US 3 - buy trans and inf. Trans to EUS.

    The US can still assault WE on Rd 4 (to back up the brits)
    and Japan will never ever be able to get beyond owning Ala or Hi.

    You have to wait till the US fleet has left the Pac and they have commited to Ger. (after rd 4 or 5).

    In the meantime on J1-J5, you must take Chi, Sin, Ind, SFE, and be in position to take/trade Kaz, Eve, and Novo.

    Now if you want to take a shot a Hi, Ala, and maybe sneak someone to Mex or Pan, maybe you can catch the US napping, but any attempt to early, and you could be inviting trouble.

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