Selling a HUGE collection - pieces galore (thousands!), Anniversary, 1940, etc

  • I’m selling my massive lot of games of pieces (don’t worry, I’m keeping some  :-D)

    I’ll catalog tonight, but for now this is what I think have (subject to minor variations - please note that I don’t have the original boxes due to storage capacity but everything is in MINT condition. Pieces are at the bottom!

    A&A 1942 2nd Ed board, rules
    A&A 1941 board, rules
    A&A Europe 1940 board, rules
    A&A Pacific 1940 board, rules

    PIECES!!! All of the above pieces, and then some. I have THOUSANDS of pieces, in a box roughly the size of a paper box. Included are A&A Anniversary Italians (tanks!) and Red Japanese from the original Pacific. Creme British from D-Day and Revised, and TONS more. I will also include some HBG Axis minors pieces as well (black). You will NEVER run out of pieces in any A&A game again. Ever. I don’t even want to guess how many pieces there are, but my conservative estimate is at least 5-6000.

    I will not break this lot. I honestly have no idea what to list this at, any offer must be reasonable as this is pretty much everything you need to play every game in the A&A series, as well as future versions.

    Offer if you’d like, I’m still counting the pieces in order to figure out how much to charge.

  • '17

    Gaaaaa!  WANT!

  • Please contact me - I am interested in the collection as a whole.


  • I got home and realized I had sold some of the boards from earlier games, so I revised my listing. Trying to figure out a price as we speak!

  • I couldn’t decide on a price, took tons of photos and decided eBay was the best locale.

    If you want, PM me and I’ll forward a link.

  • Customizer

    This is a very nice set! A good buy for anyone!

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