Training Battles (for G40 Beginners)

  • I think if you want to refight some historical battles with the help of A&A you should alter a few very basic A&A-rules!

    For example the Battle of Britain (as mentioned before):
    The German luftwaffe looked much stronger than the RAF, but that was only on paper. A&A represents this paper-war, but fails to give a more accurate representation of such battles.

    Don’t look too much into the below numbers, as these vary quite a bit in literature. The tactical considerations are much more important.
    At the start of the battle, the luftwaffe had ~3000 aircraft available (total of fighters and bombers), but ‘only’ ~1250 pilots to fly them.
    RAF’s fighter command could only muster ~700 servicable FTR (and ~9000 pilots to fly them), so on paper they were outnumbered on equipment only. And RAF bombers are not even included in this picture.
    The real thing was different Ofc. The German FTR could not escort their TAC/STR all the way to the targets (not even if based in Holland), pitting them against fighter command defenseless. Really, bombers are no match for fighters and would definately never ‘hit on the same roll of the dice’ as in A&A. This easily explains why the Luftwaffe suffered much more losses than the RAF. The battles were mainly (but not only) FTRs (RAF) versus Bombers (Luftwaffe).
    To top it off, the Luftwaffe was fighting above enemy soil, so a downed German pilot would not fight another battle but became a POW. Therefore, Germany could increase it’s available pilot pool only to ~1600 over the course of roughly a year.
    Since ‘The Few’ started the battle with ~9000 pilots (of which only ~3000 were assigned to rotational duty) I think it is needless to mention the increase of the British fighter pilots, but as the wiki page hilariously states: “If Fighter Command were ‘the few’, the German fighter pilots were fewer”.
    And of course the Brits were clever enough to produce more aircraft than they lost, so the odds for the luftwaffe became worse by the day.

    With careful consideration this can be translated into a playable battle.
    I think in short it comes down to Germany throwing unescorted bombers into Britain, hoping to clear some through against the RAF fighters.  FTR-ranges should be 3, not 4; FTR should hit much better during dogfights (like rolling @ 3 or below) and dogfights should also take place before land and naval battles (even if the result of scrambling) if the defender so desires. So not only before an air raid. The number of aircraft that can scramble should be greatly increased (Dowding system). Also during dogfights, the defender designates the opposing class airlosses (being bomber or fighter) and intercepting FTR can take part in both the dogfight and the following land/naval battle (as they defend friendly territory/coastal waters and have much better and quicker reaction times than the attacker). Escorting FTR cannot, but attacking Bombers can. Attacker may split its FTR-force into escorts and ‘FTR-bombers’. A FTR-bomber shoots @ 1 during dogfights and is in all respects a bomber for this purpose, but it is allowed to fight the following land/naval battle if it survives (rolling @3 as normal).

    Set-up the European map, but only everything from Berlin + Malta and to the west and north of it and not Africa. Income of Germany would be 25 IPCs turn 1 and turn 2 and nothing after that. UK: 20 per turn, Italy:none, USA: 35 pre-war, 60 at war (turn 3). Germany will receive 19 IPCs from capturing france, of course.
    Rationale: More German income would invite Russia into Berlin and the eastfront is out of the scenario. Italy and the UK are assumed to fight over Africa, hence the drain of their income.

    Now go wild on Sea-Lion dreams. The axis win if they can capture and hold London for 2 consecutive turns and the allies win if the axis have not won at the start of turn 6.

    If you want to add more complexity even, you could add an available pilot pool. Planes shot down over enemy territory/seas reduce its number by 1 per plane but if shot down over friendly territories/coast nothing happens. A major Power cannot have more aircraft on the map than it has available pilots. You 'll need to experiment a bit with available pilots for every nation ofc. (and the rate at which it increases every turn), but it is obvious that the axis are in desparate need of pilots and the allies are not.

    Please remember this is only a brainstorm and may be unplayable but if nothing else, it could serve as an idea for a scenario set-up.
    Furthermore this should be a more historical accurate representation, but hmmm, more challenging for the axis to win  :-D. So you should balance it for your personal purposes (represent a more historical battle, or giving each side a roughly equal chance to win). Good luck!

  • 2017 '16

    If someone really want to play a F2F G40 with a more historically based SBR, which works statistically there is 2 better ways at least than all planes @1:

    Whether giving Fighters @1 First Strike vs (StB and TcB) Bombers @1.

    Or only gives Fighters @1 and Strategic Bomber @0  (TcB @0?, not defined)

    This can be also a third one:
    Fighter @1 First Strike
    Tactical Bomber @1 Regular
    Strategic Bomber @0

    Anything higher than @1 will probably shift the balance, one way or the other, IMO.

    Probably the second and the third method will better depict any dogfight over Britain.

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