• We played with the 7.1 Russia getting 48 IPC rule every turn until in the war. This rule isn’t official yet. Russia seemed much too powerful but I would like to see what others say.

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    Have game on the 28th. I’m going to play with Russia getting 48 icp’s to start with and have them roll 2d12’s at the end of turn 1 for income starting at 0.
    Japan sneak attack be used by turn of 7.
    Germany gets naval 2nd impluse.

    But also will be waiting for Koba’s game results.

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    When the minor complex in India becomes a major complex does it just produce 5 pieces with capital ships with no first infrantry buy? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :?

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    Same question for Anzac. :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :?

  • '14

    If ANZAC and DEC upgrade their IC’s to major then they would ho from 6 units per turn, first 3 being infantty, and no capitol ships to 10 units per turn, first 3 being infantry, and can produce capital ships.

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    That’s how my group decided we were going to ply it this weekend .

    Thanks Tigerman.

  • Played with 7.1 again where Russia gets 48 IPC at the end of every round until in the war. Either fortresses are too powerful or Russia gets too much IPC. Not a single Russian city was taken. Germany is on the defense the first few turns in Finland! You almost have to buy a transport or 2 ASAP (maybe even the 1st turn?) - it’s the only solution I can think of. Germany shouldn’t be buying transports but they might have to. They can’t start with an extra transport because that makes Sea Lion too much more attractive. 2 cities short the whole game for the axis again (2 games in a row).

    The Allies do a 90% all in against Germany with all their units (including the India navy) but the US does maximum lend lease every turn equally to Russia/UK/India/Anzac.

    Japan does great but can’t take India because of fortresses or because Russia too strong? Russia dumped 10 infantry into the fortress in the East just for the annoyance. It was fun but it kept Japan 50% busy for a whole turn. I actually like the new fortress rules but they could be a bit more simple. Japan can become a steamroller but not in time to win. There is no point in even trying to drop the Anzac’s now that they can build 6 units a turn but I like that new rule too. Japan’s sneak attack isn’t very good when the allies run away with every ship in the pacific before Japan attacks. Makes life easy for japan though.

    UK is noticeably stronger now which is more fun and realistic, but Germany is already having to deal with the threat of a landing on 2nd turn while trying to get ready for everything else. UK buys the extra infantry every turn for India and South Africa.

    I’m getting close to saying that Russia can’t be killed. It’s just a wall of death. They definitely can’t advance into Germany but Germany can’t take a single Russian City for 2 games now. The game was 60/40 in favor of the Axis before but now I would say it’s 70/30 in favor of the allies. The allies can’t take any axis capitals but they can stop the Axis from winning.

    I don’t think Russia needs the extra $ they are getting in the 7.0 or 7.1 version. The extra units for Russia, the extra units for UK, the loss of a few ships with Germany/Italy, and the more powerful fortresses seem to be enough to even the game out.

    It could be just how we play though.

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    We didn’t even bother with the 48 per Turn Russian income. We set them up with the new pieces but still made them roll for their income. What you are describing is exactly what we predicted would happen.

  • 80 ipc in the begining allows russia to attack japan, and win. China is to hard to defeat.

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    Russia is dangerous in this one; thought the way my opponents are playing this one it would be hard to believe. It’s a long way to Moscow though and I think the “happy times” will be over soon enough.

    The reinforcements and new IC in Stalingrad make life a lot more difficult for the Axis. As Japan, I didn’t try to provoke her.

  • I should say that when we play we don’t use tech or optional rules because we want to see if the game is balanced. Russia also keeps at least 15 infantry in the East at all times.

  • Is there a balanced way to incorporate air transports into global 1939?

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    We use the 4 questions and answers in the A few questions about partroopers post for all the versions of game so far.

  • Is the complete rule available somewhere?

  • @SS:

    We use the 4 questions and answers in the A few questions about partroopers post for all the versions of game so far.

    I’m not sure I understand what you are saying.

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    The answers are in the A few questions about partroopers post

    Go to this posting in Global War

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    Crus, if your looking for these rules of Tigermans game they are at Board Game Geek.

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