Looking for players in San Francisco (Marin)

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    Looking for axis&allies gamers in the bay area.  Would like to play global but would be down to play pacific or Europe 1940 or other axis and allies games. 🙂

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    Hi Corpo, I’m in San Francisco (Glen Park).  There are a lot of players in the Bay Area, including the founder of this site!  But we’ve never managed to pull off a game.  As far as I know.

    Anyhow, I play global only.  IMO it’s best with just a few players, preferably 2 but no more than 4. Otherwise it gets bogged down really fast, especially if the skill levels are way off.

    Anyhow, I am out of town for the next couple of weekends but could be up for a game the weekend of the 27 on….

    Keep me posted.


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    Hey Karl! Nice to meet you.  I’m Karl also lol.  I would totally be down to get together to play some global.  Here’s my email fitrunner3@aol.com.  Why don’t you shoot me a email with your number and I can txt you and we can go from there.  I live in Sam Rafael but I go to the city often.  Anyways can you host and do you have the gsmes? Also if you know more gamers that would be cool but if not then one vs one would be ok. Talk soon

  • I live in Oakland and am hoping I can find some people to play with. I’ve tried getting friends and coworkers together to do it, but it has always been met with mediocre results.

    I’ve played the game a half dozen times but its been sporadic and half the players are always first timers. To this day I don’t think I’ve ever finished a game, even to a reasonable level, because we always spend 3 hours piddling about teaching the rules and such. At which point someone has to pick up Timmy for soccer practice and it all falls apart.

    I prefer non 1v1 games (I enjoy teams). I’m typically flexible in my hours and willing to commit to a long game.

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    Just sent you a PM 👍

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