• Checking in at a whopping 63 points and going for as much as 25 bucks on some sites….so is it worth it?

    For me the high points kind of precludes using it in 100 point games, due to not enuff support around it.

    Anybody had any luck with it? If so how did you use it?

  • I had some luck with one…disrupted it with a Churchill, then double outflanked it with the Churchill and a Sherman…badda-bing, badda-brewed-up Tiger. 😄

    Seriously, it depends both on the terrain and on your opponent making mistakes. The sixth map configuration in the rulebook is called ‘Tiger Heaven’ for a good reason - nobody else has anything to hide behind! On that map, a big, long ranged tank rules, even if there’s only one of it.

    On other maps, it’s a different story, and the Striped One can be stalked by faster and more numerous opponents. Personally, I think the points are better spent on two Pz IVs, but that’s just my opinion.

  • I played the Tiger along with (if memory serves)

    2 light mortars
    Japanese Machine gunner
    German Machine gunner
    Mauser troopy

    I think that was it anyway, the Tiger racked up 2 Shermans, a Hellcat and a Stuart. It was disrupted on one turn only. Pretty much won the game single handedly. I was very surprised, but it just might be worth its points

  • I might have underestimated it…
    I played one yesterday; it came along with some SS infantry who took a very long time to die, and took my foot with them.
    I had a standard Sherman and an Easy Eight. The E8’s avanced suspension came in useful to bounce over hills and deny the Tiger a long range target, but eventually it came down to a close range knife fight, and I just could not take the thing out. By that time it was sitting in cover on the objective.
    I want my Sherman Fireflies!

  • IMO, the SS-Panther G is a better tank since it can still move when disrupted. Plus, it’s cheaper.

  • how does the superior armor work?

  • in a massive all-out battle playing the Config.#6 “tiger heaven” map layout.  I had 2 tigers- one on the objective, one adjacent……   The enemy (alllies) was able to manuver one of his crocodiles for close range combat against my tiger on the objective.  The enemy got first roll, and the churchill got the triple 6 on my tiger, “TAKE OUT OF GAME IMMEADIATLY” is what it said.  I then fired on the churchill with the other tiger but was only able to damage it.   Overconfident, i moved the other tiger onto the objective to stand ground.  i got first roll next turn and used the Jadgpanther to fire from a distance and destroyed the croc, (had to use my tiger on another target) he then fired on my tiger, got another 666……WOW!!! 2tigers for 1churchill/////////////

    my point is, for close range, the croc is the tank to have… next time i’ll have panzerfaust in there with those big dog tigers…

  • Founder TripleA Admin


    how does the superior armor work?

    You must defeat the armor by at least 2 more than the armor in order to damage it. Disruption still occurs at armor value and armor value plus one.

  • we’ve had a lot of fun recently playing 180 points army, followed on turn 6 by an additional 80 points of reinforcements! needless to say the tiger appeared with the first wave alongside 3 panzer 4’s! i was playing the allied side with one crocodile, 2 shermans, 1 kv and several scouts and jeeps. took me a couple of hours to get the germans in trouble but it can be made. cant wait to see the king tiger making an apparition…

  • I was wondering what my chances are of getting any tigers let alone a king tiger. I am building an awsome axis force but dont have any tigers. I have bought plenty ( prolly) 4 of the second booster and havent gotten any. I have plenty of rare units but no tigers. At this point i am very disappointed. PEACE

  • I used both a Tiger and a King Tiger in a “tank fight” battle for kicks. It was rediculous how effective they are. Granted, I don’t own any Crocs, but I do own E8s and plenty of Shermans (and lighter tanks). The Tiger was awesome. The King Tiger was amazing. If used properly (ie: stalking behind terrain until ready to shoot) they just don’t die. Heh.


  • @Andras:

    IMO, the SS-Panther G is a better tank since it can still move when disrupted. Plus, it’s cheaper.

    Good point. I have to add that it’s faster too. I’ve found speed to be more important than armor. When you can keep pace w/ a T34/85, you can play chess maneuvers like you can’t w/ the slowboat Tiger. A Tiger can always take it in the backside. A well-played Panther doesn’t have to.

  • 2007 AAR League

    We are all forgetting the Is Model 1944. Its the King’s Match.

  • Yeah, that’s a tough tank too. I like the 7 armor all the way around better than the King Tiger’s 8/6 in most situations, the obvious frontal assault aside. In my games, I play alot of infantry, and swarm tanks when possible. A Tiger of any kind would get crushed in a couple rounds due to sheer numbers. (The Allies have a tougher row to hoe with bazookas/flamethrowers/engineers but it works for them too. For the Axis, the Wehrmacht Oberleutnant/panzerfaust/and or antitank grenadier combo is particularly deadly) Having that extra defense in the rear, especially with Superior armor, makes the job that much tougher. Plus, the IS-2 gets better attacks against infantry. The KT’s cool, but any advantage over the IS-2 is marginal outside of Tiger Heavan.

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