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Im so lost! Help!

  • Hey guys brought the game today and im soo confused with the combat! ‘Attack air units’… “The first player attacks the opposing air units in the zone the of his or her choice”…

    1. Do i attack them with my planes?
    2. Can i attack them from other side of the board, for example… I have 2 usa fighters in J can i attack 3 jap fighters in A, or the usa fighters have to be in zone A?
    3. Can units only attack in the same sea zone or across one sea zone to another opposite of it?

    Im so confused with all this

  • Official Answers 2007 AAR League

    When you get to the combat phase all units from opposing sides in the same sea zone or on the same island will engage in combat. The name of the phase will tell you two things. The eligible casualties – air in the air phase, naval in the naval phase, land in the land phase and the amount of dice you will roll.

    Each unit that has a value for the phase you are in will add dice to the combat in that phase. This is given as the Air Attack value and so on in the unit description. (Battleships have a value in every phase while infantry only in land attack.)

    In a sea zone with naval units and both fighters and bombers during the attack air units phase you will add the air attack dice up from both the naval and air units in the zone. Shake up the battle box and pull out the neck to the counted number of dice and read the casualties from the air line. Then do so for the other side. Combat is considered simultaneous. Remove the destroyed units from each side.

    Proceed to the next zone with air units. When all air phase combat is complete move on to the next phase.

    In the naval phase any planes that survived the enemy planes and AA fire from ships or AA guns on islands will now get to contribute dice to the attack sea units phase.

    Note that artillery may fire into one adjacent zone in a naval attack phase and ships may fire onto one adjacent island in the attack land units phase.

    Combat does not continue until one side retreats or is eliminated. Both sides may still have units in the same sea zone or on the same island at the end of all combat phases.



  • Thank you sooo much man! That really helped alot, expained it better than the book lol. :). So far i like this game more than BOTB.

  • Official Answers 2007 AAR League

    There are a lot of walk backs to regular A&A from BOTB in this. But both sides moving units at the same time makes this a neat game.

  • I got one more question man sorry… How many air units can land if there is 1 air field? And how many can land if you have 2 airfields? Thanks

  • Official Answers 2007 AAR League

    2 air units per controlled undamaged airfield. Unlimited aircraft may be landed on the base. See page 22 of the rulebook (page 12 of the PDF) for the landing aircraft segment.

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    What would we do without frimmel?

  • Official Answers 2007 AAR League


    What would we do without frimmel?

    Probably wait for Krieghund to show up and set things straight.  :lol:

    Thanks, for the vote of confidence. Really needed that today.  8-)

  • Official Answers


    What would we do without frimmel?

    His efforts are definitely appreciated.

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