• Hi thanxs for reading thbe post i am in a game right now with my dad and we cant agree on who is right in this situation and the rules (2nd edition) arent very clear on the subject. Ok heres whats going on. I control japan. I have 2 jap. transports on in the alasken sea zone and 4 infantry in the cap itol of japan. can i move my trans ports the 2 spaces to the japan sea zone and then load the 4 infantry from japan and unload them into manchuria in 1 one turn. In the rule book it says you are allowed to bridge sea zones but are you allowed to move the transports into the sea zone and then load and unload them (bridging) in one turn please help!!!

  • Yes, you are correct. Bridging does not use up movement points. It would be somewhat similar to picking up two infantry from two territories adjecent to the same sea zone with one transport and moving them two spaces. Example: a transport in the baltic picks up one infantry from Fin/Nor and one from Germany and deposits them in Eastern Canada (for the sake of this example the sea zones the transport passes through are empty). It’s a similar concept here: “movement” within a sea zone doesn’t use movement points. But you must always keep in mind that once a transport unloads it’s move is over, whether it’s used all, one, or none of it’s movement points.

  • Yes, you can move the transports to the sea of Japan and then bridge the troops over to Manchuria.

    A transport can move up to two spaces and pick up troops/tank at any point in the move. The only catch is the transport’'s move is done as soon as you unload anything onboard.

    So you can pick up a troop, move a space, pick up a troop, move a space and unload both, for example. But you can’t pick up a troop move a space, unload the troop, and then MOVE ANOTHER SPACE, because you already unloaded.

  • O.K how about this one? This is a rule my buddies and I have always used but I’ve always wondered if it’s fully legal. Can you pick up 2 INF w/ 1 TR, transport them 1 or 2 spaces to a space adjacent to 2 or more land territories, and then land each INF on a different space? For instance, can a laden TR in the Red Sea land 1 INF on Egypt & 1 INF on Syria/Iraq to immediately take the Suez? Or can a fully laden TR in Black Sea land 1 INF in Ukraine, 1 in Eastern Europe (or Caucuses)? Like I said we’ve always played the game that way but I’ve always been plagued w/ doubts as to the rule’s veracity.


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  • Unloading in 2 spaces. The strict interpretation of 2nd Edition rules is no, you cannot do this. The 2nd Edition clubs adhere to this rule and do not allow it. The CD clubs, 3rd Edition, allow split unloads, primarily because the CD allows it, not because the rules really say so. I would say that split unloads are very common with many players, but strictly speaking are not allowed. I believe there is a rules interpretation fact sheet from Milton Bradley which clarifies this.


  • He is correct. During a turn, a transport can load in 1 terrotory, and unload in another. He cannot Load in 2 different areas, or unload in 2 different areas.

  • Actually, it doesn’t really matter if a transport loads from two territories, but since a transports move is over after unloading it wouldn’t be able to “move” within one sea zone to unload in more than one place.

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