Is it random?

  • Hey guys, i havnt brought D-Day yet and im thinking of bjying it soon but people are saying its kinda ‘scripted’. I have one question… The cards that you flip over and it tells you what to do is that in order from 1,2,3 etc or you shuffle the cards before the game and its all random? Because if its all random that would be cool but there are other game changer cards sepereate from the main battle cards. Thanks guys

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    It does have a structure, so is somewhat scripted.
    There are 3 different cards: Order, Fortune and Tactics. Two have to be played, the Tactics card is optional and can only be used once.
    Reinforcements are historical and once they have run out, that is it. (There is no income.)
    You roll 4D6 for reinforcements(both sides have 60ish),  so can get all early or all late.
    It is worth buying if you love the battle and history. It also only takes 2-3 hours.
    There are 10 turns.
    Hope that helps.

  • Hey wittman. Hmm seems interesting, like BOTB when your reinforcements runs out that it. I love the history of the war n also the battle. Ill be most likely be buying it. Thanks

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    It is like Bulge. My wife ways liked to play it, because it was scripted.
    I prefer Bulge as it is less so(no cards).
    We did find the Germans usually win D-Day too. I think it is a bit lopsided.

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    Scripted is a good word for D-Day. It is still fun but it is not as demanding on your strategical acumen as any of the other games. Using the fortune cards (which are technically optional) is the best way to shake the game up.

    Wittman reinforcements are 2D6 per chart. One chart for the US, one chart for the UK, and one each for two sectors of Axis reinforcements. Kinda 4D6 but not really.

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    Frimmel:yes they are. There are 2 charts each side and  2+2 is 4(d6) each turn.

    Definitely does not challenge the mind like some games can, as you say, but can be fun. And short.

  • Another interesting point is the limit of only 8 units (8 axis and 8 ally) per zone.

    I always try to hold those beaches but it’s tough. It’s a few turns before your guys can make it from the reinforcement lines.
    In response to your original inquiry . . .  it might make for an interesting game to shuffle the cards (saving reinforcements for last).

    Starlight Sniper

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    Some of the cards have to occur in the proper sequence or you will be skipping steps. You have to place allied aircraft before Axis movement for example.

    You must clear the beaches as Allies or you will hamper your ability to bring in reinforcements from the cards because of the stacking limit.

  • LOL  My lovely wife bought this for me one Christmas a couple of years ago.  After a morning drink and some wine with lunch we sat down to play: she said she was sure you had to shuffle the cards at the end of each turn……needless to say the game took about six hours with some pretty bizarre results!  :lol:

    Love the game though, and painted all the pieces as well as customizing quite a few.

  • The cards isn’t random in order, it is just a very long turnorder.

    This game is very interesting, it feels like they have tried to remake Fortress america, but with axis and allies theme.

    Fortress America has invaders coming from sea, one side has lasers (which are very similar to the bombers in D-day), the invader has to take a certain number of cities before a certain timeframe, it has stacking (maximum uniter per area) and it only has one round of combat, with an advantage to the defender… the reinforcements are sort of fixed.

    If you like D-day, I would recomend to try the extremely well balanced Fortress America.

    I have not tried the battle of the buldge or guadacanal

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    Also try HBG’s Amerika!

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