• I’ve played a hand full of times so far, with my son playing many more (he found some other guys to play with). My main strategy that has worked so far has been to target taking out the opponents tanks (usually focusing 2 of mine vs one of theirs at a time) as quick as possible, and use machine gunners to take out any infantry designed to take out vehicles. Usually the last 2 - 3 turns are just a matter of me taking out the remaining infantry, or waiting to win on points.

    What has been successful strategies for you?

  • That’s pretty much my thinking, too…use your tanks kill the enemy armour and then swat any foot between you and the objective.
    One variation might be to use massed AT guns to supress the panzers, protected by MG’s and mortars, and rifle teams, possibly in transport, to seize the objective on turn seven.
    There again, that’s just because I have six 6pdrs, five jeeps, three Vickers MG teams, two 60mm mortars and no idea what to do with any of the damn things!

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Have either of you tried an infantry only army with 14-15 units?

    Just wondering how badly it goes. If badly at all.

  • I currently am using an all infantry allie army. I use the Lt.(uk) to help speed all my guys up and just outnumber the other side.

  • BIG TANKS- FAST TANKS- Mobility is everything. Get some fast tigers and some carro armatos (yes they kinda suck but they are cheap and when u have a couple they are kinda handy). A sturmfuhrer is nice and it just depends what kind of mood im in. I rarely use any of the sdkfz (im not too into the armored car idea, waste of points). PEACE

  • My strategy depend on my mood too.  I play with 3 other guys and we are pretty much the same level.  We change tactics often because since we play with the same people If you use the same one, you’ll get figured out pretty fast.

    I really enjoy the “almost” just infantry.  It’s a challenge but really fun.

  • 2007 AAR League

    About the infantry only army this was my attempt.
    4 S.E paratroopers
    5 Jeeps (it is a vehicle, but…)
    1 Inspiring Luitenant
    3 Royal Engenners
    1 Garand

    The paratroopers will fall where needed (take out mgs, stop tanks…)
    The Jeeps will get your infantry to the action fast.
    The Inspiring Liutenant Will help initiative, movement and fight off infantry
    The royal engenners will kill tanks
    The garand will fight off infantry alongside the Inspiring Luitenenat

    The key of this army is the royal engeneers. Use tally ho and the jeeps to get near the tanks. When the Jeeps are no longer  needed, rush them towards an enemy objective.

  • New guy here.

    So far I favor a “arrive late and in ill humor” strategy (some Philadelphia hockey fans may recognize the phrase).

    I use an infantry heavy build (including AT guns). I send in the one or two tanks I have and keep the infantry back under cover. I then move the infantry in double-time to flood the objective hexes timed to arrive right on turn 7.

    Problem is I’ve played all of three times. So my question is how easily is this countered?

  • @Thud:

    I use an infantry heavy build (including AT guns). I send in the one or two tanks I have and keep the infantry back under cover. I then move the infantry in double-time to flood the objective hexes timed to arrive right on turn 7.

    You need to get your hands on two or three Inspirational Lieutenants: that +1 Move to all Soldiers that start in hex contact with him is HUGE for armies like yours. You’d make it to the Obj. even sooner.



  • Thanks! That would make for a much quicker charge.

  • my strategy is i will use 80-90% of my amy in tanks…(i really enjoy using the russian t34/76 n the guard t34/85…i will hidering terrain as battle positions for my tanks…while the remaining 10-20% will be used the comissar n maybe the artillery…i’ll like to play pure faction armies most of the time… :lol:

  • I tried a commisar surrounded by snipers and mortar teams and a red devil captain.  i tell you what, a mortar team without the -1 is devestating to anyone.  and rolling 4 dice against a vehicle at long range.  the odds are in your favor to get 2 successes aka 4.  and a sniper going up against a SS-PG with a commisars ability to top it off, and  rolling 7 dice.  can’t get much better than that.  If i think the germans are going to bring in some big tanks, i will throw in a inspiring lieut.  and some 3" guns.  then i can move everyone during movement phase if need be, and a 3" gun at +1 is very devistating.

  • Hah, I wouldn’t have believed you about the mortars vs tanks thing had I not used them so effectively last night. Well, “it”, since I only had one. Two Panzers and a brumbar had isolated a Red Devil Cpt., a Garand, a Bazooka, and a Mortar, cutting them off from the main body of the force. The bazooka couldn’t get to them without crossing open ground. So the mortar sat behind the hill while the RDC was forward observer (we use that house rule). The Brumbar was taken out by a flanking Sherman, but the mortar actually damaged one of the panzers, making it easier for help to take one of them out (the other one got bogged down by a slew of reinforcements).

    So yea, I’ll never underestimate mortars ever again.


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