• what happens if Russia makes a provoked declaration of war on Japan by invading China.  How does this affect the stare of the other allies.  ie, if Japan attacks the UK does this still bring the US into the war or not?

  • The relationship between Japan and Russia has no effects on the politics of every other nation. Also, since the Mongolian rules are based on invading territories, not DOWs, there is essentially no reason other than psychologic effects not to declare war on Japan on R1.

  • Ok great thank you.

    Just to be sure I understand. Moving Russian troops into China does not break the Political Situation for Japan that:
    “Japan considers movement of units into China by any other Allied Power as an act of of war against it.”

    The exact senario was that Russia declared war. Then moved troops into China

    Thanks again

  • From what I understand yes that will cause a declaration of war with Japan.  Also, I think if Japan controls Chinese territories bordering the mongolian territories, and Russia attacks first against one of those territories, then you will not get your 6 guys from mongolia.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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