Straight from the Frontlines

  • I’m feeling a bit under the weather which is why i havent posted my summary yet but like I promised I’m here to report from the front. Round 1 summary will likely be up later but for now I leave you all with an appetizer 😉

    Reports from Europe continue to flood as Germany continues its military aggression after its capture of Poland, turning westward towards France. French soldiers, along side soldiers from Britain’s Expeditionary Force, attempt to stem the tide as German Panzers crash into their lines. Italy’s recent declaration of war against France and Great Britain come as a shock as now Southern Europe is engulf in the current conflict. Although possessing a large military, reports from the Soviet Union show that little has been done to mobilize the Red Army as of now, A&A insider stating that the Soviet Union does not want to offend it unlikely ally, Germany, for the time being. Our A&A insider also reports of trouble in the Pacific as well. Entrenched in a three year old conflict, Chinese troops continue to stubbornly and heroically resist Japanese aggression into inner China. With supplies coming in from India via the Burma road, Japan has issued and ultimatum to the FEC of Great Britain. As of now America continues its stands of neutrality,  yet with recruitment and increase in manufacturing indicate that the country is indeed preparing for the inevitable. As always, A&A insider will keep you updated on the growing condlict around the world. This is Afrothunder of A&A insider signing off.

  • Wow quite impressive. I was really interested in reading the whole way through. Sounded like like a news report from 1940’s explaining whats happening about the war. Hope you do more updates like these, and maybe add photos.

  • I’m hooked… can’t wait for more reports.

  • After finally fighting off this summer cold I caught, here is as promised a report of round one. Now this is a house ruled game just in case some of you find somethings out of place lol

    This is Afrothunder of A&A insider, reporting to you from the front. At this very moment Germany has unleashed it’s military on France. Reports indicate that what little defenses the French Army has put up are beginning to crumble away under the weight of the German invasion. We have reports of intensified and aggressive actions by the Japanese in the far east as well. We managed to get inside quotes and battle plans from all nations currently involved in the conflict.  What follows is an A&A exclusive of the current situation.


    “We have crushed Poland and chased the British into the sea. Now, all of France will feel our wrath and the world will see how great Germany truly is.”

    Purchase: 1 AC,  2 TT. No IPCs left.

    Combat: •Sea Zone 111- 1 BB from Sea Zone 113, 1 BmBr from Germany, 1 SS from Sea Zone 124, 1 Ftr from Norway (UK scrambles Scottish fighter)
    •Sea Zone 110- 2 SS from Sea Zones 103 and 108, 4 Tac.BmBr (3 from Western Germany and 1 from Germany), 2 Ftr from Western Germany
    •Sea Zone 106- 1 SS from Sea Zone 117
    •Yugoslavia- 6 Inf., 2 Art. from Greater Southern Germany
    •Normandy/Bordeaux- 3 Inf.,1 Art. from Holland/Belgium
    •S. France- 3 Arm. from Greater Southern Germany
    •France- 4 Inf., 4 Mech., 2 Art., 3 Arm., 1 Ftr., 1 Tac. BmBr

    Outcomes: •Sea Zone 111 is cleared with the loss of 1 sub.
    •Sea Zone 106 is cleared with no losses
    •Sea Zone 110 is cleared with the loss of both subs
    •Yugoslavia falls, Germany suffers the loss of 3 infantry units
    •Paris falls, defending units manage to down a Tac. BmBr with AAA fire and inflict the loss of 4 Infantry and 2 Mechanized Infantry units.
    •Normandy/Bordeaux falls alongside Paris, Germany loses 1 Infantry unit
    •Southern France falls without the Germans suffering casualties

    Non-Combat: •1 Infantry from Romania into Bulgaria. Bulgaria welcomes it’s German allies and mobilizes 4 Infantry units for the Axis cause.
    • 1 Infantry from Norway into Finland. Finnish troops mobilize to the front alongside the Germans.
    • 1 CV from Sea Zone 114 into Sea Zone 112

    Mobilization: •AC placed in Sea Zone 112, 1 Fighter and 1 Tac. BmBr land on the AC.
    • 2 TT are placed in Sea Zone 113
    •1 Ftr. returns to Norway.
    •1 BmBr into Western Germany along with 1 Ftr and 1 Tac BmBr.
    • 2 Ftr and 1 Tac BmBr land in Holland/Belgium

    Collect Income: 44 IPCs + 19 ipc from French treasury + 10 in National Objectives (Trade with Russia and Iron Ore trade with Sweden)
    Total= 73 IPCs

    Casualties Suffered
    • 10 Infantry, 2 Mechanized Infantry, 1 Tactical Bomber, 4 Submarines

    Casualties Inflicted
    • UK: 1 Art., 1 Arm., 1 Ftr., 1 DD, 2 CV, 2 BB
    • Commonwealth: 1 TT, 1 DD
    • France: 8 Infantry,  3 Art., 1 Arm., 1 AAA, 1 Ftr., 1 CV
    • Yugoslavia: 5 Infantry

    The Soviet Union

    “We will not ignore the threat that lies at our doorstep. Even if we must rebuild from scratch, the Motherland will have an army to defend itself with.”

    Purchase: 1 Infantry, 6 Artillery,  1 Mechanized Infantry, 1 Armor. No IPCs left.

    Combat: The Soviet Union, having signed a pact with the Third Reich, does not conduct any combat. In the East it has concluded a Pact with Japan assuring peace for now.

    Non-Combat: • 1 Infantry from Archangel, Belarus, Vyborg and the Baltic States into Leningrad
    • 1 Infantry and 1 Artillery from Moscow into Smolensk
    • 1 Mech. Inf. and 1 Armor from Moscow into Western Ukraine
    • 1 Mech. Inf. and 1 Armor from Stalingrad into Ukraine
    • 6 Infantry from Buryatia into Yakut S.S.R.
    • 6 Infantry from Sakha into Buryatia
    • 1 AAA into Amur

    Mobilization: • 3 Artillery in Ukraine
    • 3 Artillery in Leningrad
    • 1 Infantry,  1 Mechanized Infantry and 1 Armor in Moscow

    Collect Income: 37 IPCs
    Total= 37 IPCs

    Casualties Suffered

    Casualties Inflicted


    “The West has heard our ultimatum,  now we shall see if they will risk war. As for the Russians, they are foolish to think we will allow such a sizable force go unnoticed in the North. We will drive them out and drive deeper into China. Our divine right to rule these people will lead us to victory.”

    Purchase: 1 Minor IC, 2 TT. No IPCs left.

    Combat: • Amur- 6 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Mech from Manchuria, 4 Inf, 1 Ftr from Korea (This unprovoked attack causes Mongolia to activate it’s military on behalf of the Soviets)
    • Chahar- 2 Inf and 1 Art from Jehol
    • Anhwe- 4 Inf (2 From Shantung and 2 from Kiangsu)
    • Kweichow- 2 BmBr from Japan
    • Hunan- 3 Inf, 1 Art from Kiangsi, 1 Ftr from Formosa
    • Yunnan- 3 Inf, 1 Art from Kwangsi and 1 Ftr, 1 Tac BmBr from Kiangsu

    Outcomes: • Amur is captured with the loss of all 4 Korean units
    • Chahar and Anhwe are captured without resistance from the Chinese army
    • The Chinese garrisons in Kweichow are destroyed by Japanese bombers, but manage to destroy one.
    • Hunan is captured at the loss of 1 Japanese infantry
    • Stunning and overwhelming victory for the Japanese in Yunnan as they suffer no casualties in its capture

    Non-Combat: • 1 TT from Sea Zone 20 moves to 19, picks up 1 Infantry and 1 Artillery from Shantung and moves back to 20 and unloads in Kiangsi. 1 TT from Sea Zone 6 loads 1 Infantry and 1 Artillery, moves to Sea Zone 20 and unloads in Kiangsi. Also 1 Infantry and 1 Artillery from Kiangsu move into Kiangsi. 1 TT from Sea Zone 19 moves 1 Infantry from Okinawa to Kiangsi
    • 1 Ftr and 1 Tac BmBr from Japan into Manchuria
    • 1 Ftr and 1 Tac BmBr from Japan into Kwangsi. 1 Ftr from Okinawa into Kwangsi. 2 Ftr and 2 Tac.BmBr from Manchuria to Kwangsi
    • 1 DD and 1 AC from Sea Zone 33 into Sea Zone 36
    • 1 BB, 2 AC, 1 DD, 1 SS from Sea Zone 6 into Sea Zone 36
    • 1 DD from Sea Zone 19 into Sea Zone 20

    Mobilization: 1 Minor IC placed I  Shanghai, 2 TT in Sea Zone 6.
    • 1 BmBr Lands in Shanghai
    • All other Fighters and Tactical Bombers land in Kwangsi

    Collect Income: 31 IPCs + 10 National Objective (Neutral with the West and has not invaded French Indo China)
    Total= 41 IPCs

    Casualties Suffered
    •5 Infantry, 1 Bomber

    Casualties Inflicted
    • China: 8 Infantry
    • Soviet Union: 6 Infantry and 1 AAA

    The United States

    “Whether we wish to admit it or not, the world is engulf in the flames of war. We must mobilize, not to instigate, but to safe guard our assets around the globe from aggression.”

    Purchase: 3 TT, 1 DD for Europe and 2 DD and 1 TT for Pacific. No IPCs left.

    Combat: Currently in a state of isolation, the US is actively avoiding conflict. However when asked if the current mobilization was to enter war, the White House issued a statement insisting on acting only to safeguard American interests around the globe.

    Non-Combat: •Sea Zone 10 to 29, along with 1 TT loaded with 1 Infantry and 1 Artillery unloaded on the Line Islands
    •1 Fighter from Western US to Hawaii
    •1 Bomber from Central US to Eastern US
    •1 TT from Sea Zone 26 to Sea Zone 10

    Mobilization: •2 DD and 1 TT in Sea Zone 10
    • 1 DD and 2 TT in Sea Zone 101

    Collect Income: 52 IPCs
    Total= 52 IPCs

    Casualties Suffered

    Casualties Inflicted


    “The Burma Road must be reopened if we are to continue our fight against the invader. With supplies from the West, we will oust the oppressors from our Lands and see China free once again.”

    Purchase: 4 Infantry. No IPCs left.

    Combat: •6 Infantry and 1 Fighter from Szechwan into Yunnan

    Outcome: •Yunnan liberated-Despite losing half of its infantry units, Chinese troops manage to reopen the Burma Road.

    Non-Combat: • 1 Infantry from Suiyuyan into Hopei
    • 1 Infantry from Shensi into Kweichow

    Mobilization : • 3 Infantry in Szechwan and 1 Infantry in Yunnan.
    • Flying Tigers squadron lands in Szechwan

    Collect Income: 9 IPCs + 6 National Objective (Burma Road Open, Artillery now allowed to be purchased)
    Total= 15 IPCs

    Casualties Suffered
    • 3 Infantry

    Casualties Inflicted
    • Japan- 3 Infantry, 1 Artillery

    The United Kingdom

    “Along with our Commonwealth Dominion, we stand alone in the face of tyranny and aggression. We will keep the flames of freedom and hope alive, lest we let the world fall into the black abyss.”

    Purchase: 10 Infantry, 1 Mechanized Infantry. 1 IPC left.

    Combat: •1 Fighter from Gibraltar and 1 Fighter from Malta to Sea Zone 96
    • 1 DD from Sea Zone 109 to Sea Zone 106

    • Sea Zone 96 is cleared of Italian vessels at the cost of 1 Fighter
    • Sea Zone 106 sees the mutual destruction of both the German U-Boat and British Destroyer

    Non-Combat: •1 Infantry, 1 Artillery, 1 Armor from Alexandria into Egypt. 1 Infantry from Anglo-Egypt Sudan moves into Egypt as well.
    • 1 DD, 1 CV, 1 AC loaded with 1 Tactical Bomber from Sea Zone 98 move to Sea Zone 92
    • 1 CV from Sea Zone 91 moves to Sea Zone 106
    • 1 Infantry from Egypt boards 1 TT from Sea Zone 98. Moves to Sea Zone 80 and unloads in Persia. The Persian army mobilizes and lends 2 infantry units to the UK.
    • 1 Infantry from Scotland boards 1 TT from Sea Zone 109. Moves to Sea Zone 88 and unloads in British Guiana
    • 1 Fighter and 1 Tac BmBr from India move to Trans-Jordan
    • 1 DD, 1 CV and 1 TT loaded with 1 Infantry move to Sea Zone 41. Infantry unloads and occupies Sumatra
    • 2 Infantry and 1 Fighter from Burma move back into India

    Mobilization: • 10 Infantry placed in London. 1 Mechanized Infantry placed in Calcutta
    • 1 Fighter lands on the AC in Sea Zone 92

    Collect Income: 41 IPCs + 5 National Objective (Control all original UK territories)
    Total= 47 IPCs

    Casualties Suffered
    • 1 DD, 1 Fighter

    Casualties Inflicted
    • Germany- 1 SS
    • Italy- 1 DD, 1 TT


    “Our German allies will not be the only people with an empire of their own. Even with a minor setback by the British, we will strike back with swift retribution. The Roman Empire will flourish once more.”

    Purchase: 1 Mechanized Infantry, 1 Armor. No IPCs left.

    Combat: •1 BB, 1 CV from Sea Zone 95 to Sea Zone 92, along with 1 CV, 1 DD and 1 SS from Sea Zone 97
    • 3 Infantry, 1 Mechanized Infantry, 1 Artillery, 1 Armor from Tobruk into Alexandria
    • 1 Infantry and 1 Artillery from Libya into Tunisia
    • 2 Infantry and 1 Artillery from Ethiopia into Anglo-Egypt Sudan
    • 1 Infantry from Italian Somaliland into Kenya
    • 2 Infantry from Albania into Greece along with 2 Infantry and 2 Artillery from Northern Italy via TTs from Sea Zones 95 and 97

    • The British Mediterranean fleet in Sea Zone 92 lies at the bottom of the sea. The Regia Marina suffers the lost 1 SS, 1 CV and a damaged BB
    • Alexandria falls in a quick victory. Italy suffers no casualties
    • Tunisia is quickly overrun by the Italians. No casualties are Inflicted upon the Italian army
    • Anglo-Egypt Sudan and Kenya fall without resistance to Italy
    • Greece falls under the cloak of Fascism. Despite putting up fierce resistance, Greeks troops are unable to turn back the Italian attack.

    Non-Combat: • 1 Armor from Albania and 1 Armor from Northern Italy move into Romania
    • I Bomber from Northern Italy into Southern Italy

    Collect Income: 15 IPCs
    Total= 15 IPCs

    Casualties Suffered
    • 3 Infantry, 1 SS, 1 CV, 1 Damaged BB

    Casualties Inflicted
    • UK- 1 Infantry, 1 DD, 1 CV, 1 AC, 1 Fighter, 1 Tactical Bomber
    • France- 1 Infantry
    • Greece- 4 Infantry

    The Commonwealth

    “We gladly answer the call of the crown alongside our fellow countrymen throughout the Dominion. In the face of tyranny, we stand united. For King and Country!”

    Purchase: 1 Infantry, 1 Artillery,  1 Armor, 1 TT

    Combat: Unable to engage the Axis forces immediately due to sunken vessels and vast distances, the Commonwealth moves to position itself for offensive moves in the future

    Non-Combat: •2 Infantry from South Africa and 1 Infantry from South West Africa move into Rhodesia
    •1 Infantry and 1 Artillery from Ontario move into Quebec
    •1 Infantry from Alberta moves into Ontario
    •1 Infantry from British Colombia moves into Alberta
    • 1 DD, 1 TT loaded with 2 Infantry from New South Wales in Sea Zone 62 move to Sea Zone 42, unload and occupy Java
    • 1 CV from Sea Zone 120 moves to Sea Zone 106
    • 1 CV from Sea Zone 63 moves to Sea Zone 42
    • 1 DD from Sea Zone 71 moves to Sea Zone 58
    1 DD from Sea Zone 1 moves to Sea Zone 11

    Mobilization: 1 TT in Sea Zone 106, 1 Armor in South Africa, 1 Infantry and 1 Artillery in New South Wales

    Collect Income: 24 IPCS + 5 National Objective (All original Canadian territories, Newfoundland and Iceland are Allied control and SZ 106 is free of Axis ships)
    Total= 29 IPCs


    “Although our homeland has been overrun, we remain in the fight. From the furthest corner of our empire, we will call upon both men and women to take up arms and fight to reclaim our home.”

    Purchase: With France under Nazi occupation, the French government is unable to purchase units.

    Combat: •1 DD and 1 CV from Sea Zone 93 attack the 2 Italian TTs in Sea Zone 97 (Italy Scrambles 2 Fightets)

    Outcome: • Both French vessels are sunk by the scrambled fighters, although they manage to down one plane. The Mediterranean Sea belongs to the Regia Marina for now.

    Non-Combat: • 1 Infantry from Syria into Trans-Jordan
    • 1 Infantry from French West Africa into French Central Africa
    • 1 Fighter from London into Morocco
    • 1 DD from Sea Zone 72 moves into Sea Zone 58

    Mobilization: The Free French Army begins to grow. 1 Infantry is mobilized into Morocco

    Collect Income: No income is collected due to the Occupation

    Casualties Suffered
    • 1 DD, 1 CV

    Casualties Inflicted
    • Italy- 1 Fighter

    Total Casualties Suffered by all Nations
    • Germany- 18 units
    • The Soviet Union- 7 units
    • Japan- 10 units
    • The United States- 0 units
    • China- 11 units
    • The United Kingdom- 16 units
    • Italy- 8 units
    • The Commonwealth- 2 units
    • France- 17 units

    The Axis war machine in Europe continue to rampage across the continent. The flag of the National Socialist now fly across Europe, with Finland and Bulgaria offering aid to Germany’s plan of world conquest. Despite suffering great losses in Greece, Italy’s navy remains intact, offering offering them complete supremacy in the Mediterranean Sea. The  British suffer crippling setbacks as it’s once proud Royal Navy is reduced to scattered vessels across the globe. Indian defenses are overlooked as the possibility of a Sea Lion attack prompt Britain to build defenses at home rather than abroad. It’s Commonwealth Dominion is capable of supplementing British defenses but the vast distances and lack of transports hinder it’s attempts to quickly move into position. Current builds of a South African Tank and Canadian transport might prove to help in the long run, however time will tell. In the East, Japan rips it’s peace accord with the Soviets and smashes through its weak defenses. Although suffering a set back loss of Yunnan to the Chinese, the presence of an minor IC in Shanghai, it’s massive airforce stationed just outside Hong Kong and the Combined Fleet at anchor of South East Asia, Japan is in position to push deeper into China and even wreck havoc on British colonial units in the area. With Mongolian units recently activated might make things complicated in Japanese plans in the Northern China. America continues to sit back and watch as the world is engulfed in flames. The first round has shown the strength of the Axis nd the risks they are willing to take. For now, the Allies look to the brave troops of of the United Kingdom and it’s Commonwealth Dominion, the Kwuimintang Army and The Free French Army to hold back the Axis advance. This is Afrothunder of A&A insider signing off.

  • To those who are interested in the house rules agreed on here they are. I managed to convince my friends on the Commonwealth house rules that SpitfirED posted on my other thread, about sharing one economy and able to place in any Canadian,  South African and ANZAC ic. Also used Young Grasshopper’s idea about Calcutta no longer a capital and for new National Objectives.

    Turn Order
    1. Germany
    2. Soviet Union
    3. Japan
    4. United States
    5. China
    6. United Kingdom
    7. Italy
    8. The Commonwealth
    9. France

    United Kingdom / India
    London and Calcutta now share a single economy. The United Kingdom’s starting income is now 35. The major IC in India is downgraded to a minor IC and a second minor IC is added to West India. The capture of Calcutta does not result in the UK surrendering it’s IPCs. Japan still receives it’s +5 bonus for the capture of Calcutta. Two new National Objectives are added to the UK “When at war with Germany, Italy and/or Japan: +5 IPC if UK controls all of its original territories” and “When at war with Germany, Italy and Japan: +5 IPC if Allies control Gibraltar, Egypt, Malaya and Kwangtung”

    The Commonwealth
    The new playable power, known as the Commonwealth, consists of Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. All territories with Canada roundels, South West Africa and the Union of South Africa constitute as Commonwealth territories. A new setup is used for the Commonwealth. All ANZAC setups remain the same except for the following.

    Add 1 DD to Sea Zone 1
    Add 1 Infantry to South West Africa
    Add 1 Infantry to British Columbia
    Add 1 Infantry to Alberta
    Add 1  AAA and 1 Naval Base to Ontario
    Add 1 CV to Sea Zone 120

    The Commonwealth has three National Objectives “When at war with Germany and Italy: +5 IPC if all Original Canadian territories, Newfoundland and Iceland are Allied control and SZ 106 is free of Axis ships”, “When at war with Germany and Italy: +5 IPC if Africa is free of Axis forces and Gibraltar is Allied controlled” and “When at war with Japan: +5 IPC if Allies control Hong Kong, Malaya and Calcutta”

  • Are the British units in Canada and South Africa changed to commonwealth?

  • Also, is the Commonwealth capital in Sydney?

  • Yes, all UK units in South Africa and Canada are replaced w ANZAC pieces to represent the Commonwealth,  along w the Destroyer in Sea Zone 71 and the Destroyer and transport from Sea Zone 106

  • pretty cool…i will be reading this thread with great interest!

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