World At War 3rd Edition – Russia Limited Production Clarification

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    This may not be the right sub category, but I had a question for clarification in regard to Russia’s limited production on the 3rd edition of World at War Axis and Allies. The rule states that Russia can only use 16 IPCs until attacked or turn 5. My question is, once turn 5 rolls around or attacked, what does Russia have to spend at the beginning of the turn. So if Germany attacks Russia on Turn 5, once Russia’s turn rolls around what do they have to spend? I know that they get 20 IPCs worth of troops right away, but for their regular build, it would make sense to me that they still only have 16 IPCs gto use, and collect their income at the end of tune 5. Or does Russia get the 20 IPCs for purge and then another 32 IPCs to spend on regular build in turn 5 (starting level of income before attacked) even though Germany has taken several of Russia’s territories?


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    You may have better luck asking that question here.

  • What game is this?

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    LOL. Love it when somebody asks questions about games nobody plays for 10 years, but phrases it like everybody plays Xeno world at war everyday and posts it in AA Pacific. AS if it belongs in this section. LOL.

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    What game is this?

    It was one of the earliest knock-offs of A&A, produced by an outfit called Xeno Games.  The sculpts were basically imitations of the ones in the Milton Bradley version of A&A, made out of inexpensive (and sometimes translucent) plastic.  On the plus side, the sculpts did come in an awful lot of colours if you bought the expansion packs, and they included two units the MB game didn’t: destroyers and U-boat pens.  They were useful back in the old days, when people had few options for supplemental units, but now that HBG is on the scene I’ve relegated my WaW sculpts to the sidelines of my collection.  Xeno Games did, however, produce some nifty nuclear mushroom cloud sculpts for its Sushi-Jalapeno War game (a knock-off of the first Fortess America game), and I still keep those in my special units storage tray.

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    Thanks Marc. Did not know that.

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    Gopher I would follow krieghund’s link if you are playing the Xeno board game. If this is question regarding TripleA WAW variants I can’t really help I’m not  an experienced TripleA user and I’m not even sure if TripleA’s clone is a “genuine clone” as WWII is a “clone” of Axis & Allies. Try posting in the “variants” section of the A& site, you may find your answer there.

    Personally I never bought or played any of the Xeno games or pieces but at one time they filled a niche where A&A was absent as well as Table Tactics.

    Best of luck.

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