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  • Hi Guys

    I have all the versions of AA except 1941 and 1914. I was thinking about picking up 1941 because I saw it at the shop for $50. Is this a good price for it? from what I have read ( kind of been out of the AA scene for a while ) is that its geared for more newcomers to the game? I just wanted to ask here before I went and bought it. I dont know how much playtime it will get but more or less just keeping the collection up to date.

    Thanks guys


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    I think that sounds expensive, if you are talking US Dollars.
    It was only 25 Pounds here in England .

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    I agree that the price sounds too high.  As I recall from the last time when I purchased a copy of the 1941 game (I own several) from a store here in Montreal, the price was around $30 Canadian, give or take around 5 dollars.  If you reverse the last two digits in the date, $50 US would be a great price for the 1914 game – but not for the 1941 game.

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    I purchased a copy of 41 this weekend at GENCON for $21.

  • Thanks guys,

    I also happen to see it on amazon for $40 with shipping.

    I dont know if I should just skip this for now and put the money towards 1914?

  • I own both 1914 and 1941. I agree with the other posters; $50 is a tad on the expensive side. I paid a little over $20 for it, but I bought it at Barnes & Noble with a coupon and the percentage off I get for being a member of thier rewards club, so obviously your mileage will vary.

    Of the two versions, I much prefer 1914. That’s not saying much, however, as 1914 is my favorite version of the game ever. I’ve played 1941 with my wife once and would agree with the asessment that it’s a “beginner’s” version. I would hesitate to call it “A&A Lite”, but, if memory serves (so take this with a grain of salt, as my memory is horrible), there are fewer territories (they removed some European territories and enlarged the remaining ones) and you get fewer IPCs. I remember thinking while playing it that building up a strong navy in 1941 would be difficult due to the limited IPCs. Keep in mind, however, I’ve only played it the once about a year ago and am going off memory; if someone else on here corrects anything I’ve just said, I’d take them at thier word and ignorne mine.

    Despite all that, however, 1941 is a great way to introduce new players to the game. The limited IPCS keep new players from doing anything crazy, but it still limits the experienced players from being able to roll right over them. If I were introducing someone to the game for the first time, 1941 is the version I’d use.

    Edit: If I were given the choice between buying 1941 or putting the money towards 1914, I’d put the money towards 1914. If you’ve got every other version, I think you’d find 1914 more enjoyable as it’s a different take on the game than 1941.

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    Buy 1914 instead. It sounds like you will get more enjoyment and post out of it.
    Toffels has said it well.

  • Thanks guys

    I appreciate it, maybe I will purchase 1914. I will give it a thought for a couple days before I decide.

    Thanks again

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    Just to add a couple of other points to the ones already made: the 1941 game is cheap compared to most A&A games (especially the 1914 one), so getting a copy of 1941 isn’t a huge outlay regardless of whether or not you buy 1914.  Ideally, you could get both.  And one nice thing about the 1941 game that contrasts with all the other versions you already own is that its equipment units are all different sculpts from the usual ones.  They add a nice bit of variety, and you can even use them as special units if you play under suitable house rules.  The 1941 game has one set of sculpt models for the Allies (in green, beige and purple) and one set for the Axis (in black and orange).

  • I found it at Target for $18.00 US.  I wouldn’t pay anything over $25.00 for it and honestly that is pushing it.  When you open the box you will understand why.

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