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  • Ok I’ve been playing for a while but mostly as UK, (my personal fav) however since I have the most experience of my circle of friends I keep getting saddled with Germany…SIGH. As long as I have to be the evil empire I want to absolutely dominate, and I need your help to do it. Is there a consensus on how to handle G1 and G2 in Africa? Oh and we play without bidding but RR and Two hit BS.

    1. Should I take BS and Trn attack UK sub and land two infantry along with tank and inf into AES. I’ve done this and it’s a victory but the India counterattack seems pretty Standard and usually stalls out Africa for me because UK also launches bomber and Wmed BS at my fleet. As a side strategy I tried building a trn on first turn in central med to keep UK BS off my main fleet, but it just feels like a wast of IPC’s. I also tried killing West Med BS with sub and two fighters but that leaves the US tran and Uk tran to counter attack africa anyway.

    2. should I load 2 inf on trn and take gibralter while killing UK BS, then turn east into africa on next move. If I do this how do I protect the men I have in Africa and score some IPC’s.

    3)Keep fleet on central med and dump either tank or 2 inf into africa for attack into AES on G2. If I do this how do I effectively destroy the british fleet. It seems to me that I can get both BS in West Med and North Sea Fleet but that leaves US trn and UK trn and my opponent generally launch one or the other of these on a suicide run to dump a few troops in africa while throwing everything they got at my fleet.

    4)My least favorite and I’ve never done this although I did see it tried to disatrous effect. G1 Build IC in Libya or Algeria and go from there.

    Anyway thanks for making it all the way through that post, I’m sure there’s something really obvious that I’m missing about German strategy but since I can’t see it I would appreciate the help.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Well, the most obvious thing you are missing is that you do not play with Bids… 😄

  • You definitely need bids. Germany cannot stake a claim in africa without it. The best they can do is transport troops into africa until their transport dies (which should be quick). Even transporting troops though you still have a weak claim, and you are draining troops that are very much needed in europe. The two hit BS rule definitely lets you playout syria though, which is quite nice but I never have the balls to do under normal rules. I typically don’t mind the battleship in western med surviving, and would never kill the battleship over the UK seas. The battleship cannot do anything the first round if you kill the transports, but the transports can do a lot without the battleship. Also, generally I do not let just a battleship deter me from attacking uk seas on UK2. They will want a carrier if they are going to build transports.

    1. I usually don’t see the point in taking gibraltar. To me it is a wasted move. Since your transport will probably die, they’ll be stranded and worthless.

    2. I think you need your inf in europe with no-bid, hence bidding existing. I typically aim to destroy all of the UK navy, and not waste time keeping my navy alive. It’s a losing battle. The suicide run into algeria is fine, you can worry about it when it comes. Not that you can do much about it in no-bid.

    3. Yeah, that’s stupid.

  • I play without RR or bids or two hits BBs. My one friend can still win as the axis.

  • Well, here is one strategy I’ve used in the past that may help with Africa (RR, no bid). You won’t be able to keep Africa with this, but you might have a chance to at least take it for a turn or two.

    On G1, sink the UK Navy in the North Sea as usual, but do not use the Baltic sea transport as fodder. Once all Allied ships there are sunk, take the Baltic sea transport and move either the Norway tank (my preference)or two Norway infantry to Morocco. Also land at least one of your fighters there as well. Instead of taking Egypt, simply move two infantry into Libya.

    This sets you up fairly well for G2 in the following ways

    1. The transport blocks the UK/US from an easy run through this area. The UK will sink this, but this will divert forces from other uses (i.e. if they use fighters, they will not be able to land in Karelia on UK1 - possibly making a G2 assualt there feasable). Probably the UK will also sink the German Med fleet (its really inevitable).

    2. The extra forces in Morocco will delay UK/US forces from landing in Africa on round 1.

    On G2, use all available forces to take Egypt. The extra tank and fighter(s) will help defeat any forces that may have been moved to Egypt on UK1 . You should also consider using the bomber as well if they have done so. Now the Allies either won’t have sufficient forces to effectively counter-attack, or you will have sufficient forces in Egypt to make a counter difficult at best.

    On G3 and onward, you then use these forces to fight north-south. You should be able to reach S. Africa then retreat back to Egpyt to defend that against the Allies. Here you are just scrambling to keep as much as Africa in German hands as long as you can. The Allies are able to take it all back, but now they must devote more resources to do so. Also, it is possible for Japan to bring in reinforcements to help Germany, but I never do so since the Allies are closer to Africa than Japan and the Japanese forces are better used elsewhere, IMO. At some point you should probably conceed Africa and move the fighter back to the relative safety of Europe.

    There are problems for the Germans with this (loss of a defensive fighter in Europe for a few turns, Norway is weakened, and the odds for this working as stated are not exactly a slam dunk) but you should try it to see how it works for you.

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