• i have a question…whats everyone’s opinion on what size army unit each A&A piece represents?

    Examples:  1 Infantry = 1 Infantry Division? or Corps? or Army?
                  1 Battleship = 1 BatDiv?
                  1 Fighter = 1 Fighter wing?

    Just wondering what u guys think how big an Armed Forces unit each A&A piece is equivalent to

  • TripleA

    Battalion for inf

    Squadron for fighters

    A battleship is a battleship.

  • Official Q&A

    Officially, there are no direct equivalents between A&A pieces and numbers of individual real-life components they represent.  This is kept intentionally vague to allow the designer some leeway in setup to allow for game balance and play.  For example, an “infantry” unit represents not only an indeterminate (though large) number of individual soldiers, but also the components that support those soldiers, including logistic, vehicle, and anti-aircraft support.  The difference between an “infantry” unit and a “tank” unit is basically how the individual components are concentrated in the unit.  As far as size goes, the only thing for certain is that each A&A piece represents many, many individual components, and no piece is a literal representation of exactly one of anything.

  • '14 Customizer

    Well said Krieghund.  another example is the number of battleships in the game.  Japan had more than the Yamato and Nagato.  Same goes for carriers.

  • thanks all…as always great insight from everyone

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