Amphibious assault & ncm rules question.

  • Can a transport that did not take part in a amphibious assault but are present in the sea zone move in ncm?
    Does it matter if you bombard or not?

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    As long as the transport didn’t move, load, or offload in combat movement and there was no battle in the sea zone (including the destruction of defenseless transports), it can move in noncombat movement.

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    Krieghund, if the owner of the TT wanted to bombard using another TT, or fight a naval battle, is this Second TT allowed to move out in  combat, without unloading or is it stuck with the fleet? I presume it cannot move out to avoid combat and then load into a friendly territory. Can it only move out to amphibiously land elsewhere?

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    If there is simply bombardment occurring, there is no sea battle to escape, so the transport may only move in combat movement to participate in another battle.  If there is a sea battle occurring, it can move in combat movement to either participate in another battle elsewhere or to simply escape combat.  In any case, if it does a combat movement it may neither load nor offload units unless it is participating in an amphibious assault, and it may not do anything in noncombat movement.

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    As I thought (and feared).
    Thank you for answering. Seems a bit rough, but it is a rule, so fine.

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