Avalon Hill Rise & Decline of the 3rd Reich Grand Strategy WWII Game - $10

  • Avalon Hiill’s Rise and Decline of the Third Reich Boardgame/Wargame. This is a World War II Grand Strategy game. This is one of the best World War II game ever made. The best in my opinion, along with Advanced Third Reich. Great game. Makes for a great gift. This game is out of print. A very loyal following among gamers. You’ll find lot’s of people who still play this game. This game is in good condition. Includes all pieces, rules, board, etc… It is missing nothing. I’ve kept it in good condition over the years. If you’ve never played this game but like World War II games, strategy games, tactical games, etc…, you’ll love this game. If you’ve played this game before, it’s a must have. If you’re a collector, this is a must have. It includes five copies of The General magazine from Avalon Hill. The General magazine was a bi-monthly magazine from Avalon Hill containing tips/tricks, strategies, articles on various Avalon Hill games. Each copy of The General is $1.00. I’m including five copies at no charge. This is a great deal!

  • This game has been sold.

  • This game is still for sale.

  • I have lowered the price to $5…, plus shipping and handling.

  • Hello Commando Brado,

    A couple questions:
    1. Is this the 1974, 1975, or 1980 version?

    2. Do you still have the A&A D-Day game for sale?

    I’ll PM you with my ZIP code to figure out shipping pricing.
    Thank you!

  • Sorry. Both games have been sold.

  • Ah, shame that. Well a tip of the hat to your gentlemanly self. Good day, sir.

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