FMGCon 2014 Bring and Buy Table

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    FMGCon is proud to announce the start of its first BRING AND BUY event.

    Here is your chance to sell stuff that has been gathering dust at the back of your cupboard for years, get some cash for it, and allow you to grab some bargains in turn.

    Convert your unwanted games into cash, and then go and buy someone else’s unwanted games or spend your newfound cash with our vendors and sponsors! Invest a few hours in your games closet hunting through your backlog and gather a swag of goodies you are not likely to want. For a small fee, we will advertise your merchandise at our table and hopefully make you some money!

    For all the details, see the Bring and Buy event listing.

    Make sure you check out the rest of the scheduled events while you’re there.

    Remember, the convention begins in 4 short weeks! 
    Early registration has been extended to August 31st - $38 for your full weekend guest pass!
    Tickets at the door : $45 for the full weekend, $30 per single day pass

  • Great Idea, just keeps getting better and better… can’t wait.

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