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    In the video above, the CBC’s Meagan Fitzpatrick gets a tour of the Enola Gay at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia.

  • Just got done doing a two day visit to Nagasaki, which will hold her ceremony in a few days.  Considering the fact that Nagasaki wasn’t even the primary target and that they “missed” the initial drop for Nagasaki, was still a pretty fascinating story…the city burned mostly due to the tremors from the blast knocking down oil lamps and since most of the city was made of wood, she burned.
    Most of the Fire stations were taken out in the blast, so there was no way to really save the city.  The Trolley system will get you around to everywhere you need to go in the city for 500Yen ($5) for an all day pass.  If you go, I stayed at the Chisun Grand, which was a good hotel.  Weather was kind of bleh due to typhoon after typhoon , but 'tis the season up here.

    Will hopefully hit Hiroshima next year.

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    Just wondering: Do any of the local tour guides (or guidebooks) mention that the battleship Musashi was built in Nagasaki?  When she was launched, the huge size of the ship and the narrowness of the harbour combined to produce a three-foot wave that did some damage to some structures on the shoreline.

  • Really the only thing that they talked about was with the Mistsibushi Shipyards as a whole as building port for their ships.  Most of the damage that the shipyards received were from bombings that took place on about August 1st.  The Power plant, and the factory (I want to say tanks or steelworks), were not so lucky.  The Shipyards were shielded by the hills.

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