Where can we play online? any online server? (like zone?)

  • Hello all…

    We used to play in msn zone till 2 years ago.Do you know any other server for playing online cd axis allies game?For example sometimes i check game spy server but never seen an axis allies player there.please tell me if you know any other server for playin online whenever i want 24 hours…

  • I have play face to face for 4 years ago A&A, with the new version since 2004…

    I want to find new opponets because my friends in my country knows all my strategits!!!

    Do you want to play with me… I use Mapview and play with Larry Harris Tournament Rules LHTR, send me a mail to urraca.wi@pucp.edu.pe


  • im interested in online play. the thing i dont get is, in the 2 CD versions, there is a feature for play by IP. what are all of these things you are talking about, zone etc? what the heck is larry harris rules? just play the game, how are the rules different? im interested in playing online or by IP or whatever. i am just confused how this all works.

  • Hey guys,
    Here is a good club - WarGamers Member Club:

    It is free and friendly, and if you go here you will see “Games Supported”:

    Under that you will see “Axis&Allies Revised”:
    This post gives links to the tools you need to play A&ARevised (A&A 2004) with the Mapview system, very easy to use by email, with an online diceroller.  Also there is a link to the generally accepted rulebook (LHTR1.1 which stands for Larry Harris Tournament Rules 1.1)…the rules are clear, make for good gaming, with plenty of options if you like.

    I like playing with the Mapview system, especially A&AR, and there is a fine bunch of gamers at WGMC but of course we could use some fresh players!!  Oh, and if you have an interest in AAPacific, that is where these guys really started, at their website www.days-of-infamy.com


  • By the way, over there my handle is: CaledoniaSlim.

    Let’s play!! Register (free) and sign up under “Opponents Wanted” thread.
    We can start anything from a 2-player to 5-player game of AARevised (A&A 2004).

  • Hello all !! Im new to these forums… Does anyone play online at the same time like on gamespy… I have played many other games there. Unfortunaty I always notice the Axis and allies room emptie or if anyone in it they are in-game :cry: … I have origanal A&A and also A&A Blitz edition I am going to be  up a while and will log on to game spy and jump into A&A room now otherwise would welcome any E- mails with a possible time and date to meet … I have kids so I will only be available late in the evening usualy after 9 PM est US …

    PS I also have Team SPeak and a host room on Team speak to make things easier/ more fun while in game but not a must have …hope to hear from someone…on side note I have played A&A for more than 15 years but some of these rules on these forums and all are new to me but very interesting.

  • :roll: I bet it would help if I gave an e- mail ady with above post LOL ……


    I am haveing trouble with the map viewer provided in above link any help would be appreciated …

    the game seems to work fine with the modules downloaded from sight I got mapview from…ie (World at War) but it does not seem to want to recognize the A&A rev , A&A E modules I downloaded from links provided …

    they are both UDM files and game appears to only recognize…
    MVM, MVF, MCM, and CMF files   again any help would be appreciated Thanks

  • Kull, you’ve got to go into the Mapview folder on your pc (it’ll probably be in MotCreations folder within Program Files folder) and drop the modules into the “usermods” folder.  The fresh modules should show up when you open a Mapview and select the “New Game” choice from the File menu.

    Good luck! - - and hey, we’re looking to get a little tournament started over at WGMC - - check out the “Suggestions and Discussion” thread!!

  • :-D  Yes thanks I figured that out the other day. Just took a few sec for me to find the info. as far as tournament goes I will look into it. Im a complete noob at playing this over e-mail if thats how the tournament is done but Im sure I will get the hang of it.

  • Definitely  :-D  It is too simple, really - - and the dicey is great!  Plus the players (mostly :evil:) !! :lol:

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