• I am playing as America and Britain.  Russia and the Middle East been taken by Germany and Japan owns China plus parts of Africa, the Philippines, and Borneo.  I am dominating in terms of navy though.  I have an American fleet near Australia and a mixed British-American fleet off the coast of Europe and in the Mediterranean.  I also have several aircraft, some on carriers.  I am not sure how to proceed now, as the Axis is continuing to make more IPC than me.

  • I often have this same problem.  I end up controlling the sea which does not give you any extra IPCs.  I try to use my navy to move infantry around dropping them on easy to capture islands and territories  (backed by fighters from carriers).  I try to get the Phillipines, East Indies and Borneo then go from there leaving well defended territories alone.

    I keep doing this until my IPCs are about the same or more than the axis and then I start trying to attack their more strongly defended territories.

    Not exactly a brilliant strategy, but I have not played it enough myself yet.

  • Well if you have naval dominance at the moment, hit and run in Africa, and get those money islands in the Pacific back if you haven’t already. I would advise going all out on Japan if you can, and quick. If the Axis is making more money than you, it’s possible that they can very quickly close that gap in the naval field.

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