• I’m playing a live board game.

    As of now it is China’s turn R1.

    G1, I took Southern France (no losses), Yugo (several Losses didn’t strafe). Paris is mIine and Normandy is still French. I moved two inf north across straight. I bought 1 carrier and 2 TT. Only British ships left are the DD and TT off the shore of england, every other ship is destroyed. Closest Brit ship is cruiser by Gibr.

    I have 2 Sbom in WG, 1 Stuka in N.I., 1Figt in S.I., 1 Stuk on Carrier and 3 Fight, 2 Stuk in WG. My damaged Battleship is in 110.

    So, UK still has to make their move. If they turtle up in UK should I call it off and use the transports to land in Russia? THey still have their 3 Fighters and 1 Fr. Fighter. I know this is dependent upon US moves as well, but I DOW J1 so USA has to focus some on the pacific now.

    If UK turtles up, is that good reason to DOW on Russia G2 because Italy will have more power in N. African and Med now?


  • TripleA

    The fighters need to get out of uk or he needs to transport units off for you to be able to do sea lion (assuming he buys 9 inf or 6 inf 1 fighter to defend london). If he buys elsewhere on the map sure by all means go for it.

    Make sure your Italy can bomb the airbase on round 2… in case he tries to repair it after Germany’s turn.
    Make sure you get 1 destroyer or he can stop your attack with subs.

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