Liberating Paris - House Rule?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    It’s constantly a problem to Liberate Paris because the moment you do, the allies will lose any French territories they have, and the Germans will get a pay day should they be able to force a recapture.

    It would be more fluid to allow the allies who capture the territory of Paris, the option to liberate Paris as a country, OR choose to just collect the income from the territory, until it is safe to “Activate” france.


    As is, the situation is too gamey, and frustrating, taking away from what the Allies can actually accomplish in the west.

  • Maybe for the first turn the French collect income after Paris is liberated, the money is stored in London.  It can still be used to buy Free French infantry that can be placed on any surviving factories in France.  But if it is used to buy any units other than infantry, they are placed in London.  If the Germans immediately recapture Paris, the income stays in London, to be used by the Free French.  If the Germans fail the recapture Paris on the first turn after losing it, the French are considered to have re-established their ability to produce tanks, planes, ships, etc inside France.  After that point, if the Germans recapture it, they should probably get the loot.

  • 2020 '19 '18 '17 '16 '15 '14 Customizer '13

    What we did was give France back power and got to collect all money  for any Free French territory’s with a value ( plus the free 4 infrantry in Paris ) and any French territory’s liberated. Also keep any Free French ships now. Like you say Gar, it might be to big a risk but you got to try and put some kind of pressure on germany.

    Plus we also sent 53 icp’s land lease to Russia so far in are game.

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