If Russia is not at war with Germany, can they move into M.E.?

  • Can they convert pro allies?
    Can they attack pro axis?

  • Customizer

    No, Russia can not do anything on the Europe board until at war with Germany and/or Italy.

  • Are you sure?
    The rules say they can’t declare war from what I read. So they can’t go into persia, iraq, etc?

  • TripleA

    Yeah you got to wait for Germany. It sucks.

  • Which rule(s) are you basing this off of? My opponent is challenging that it doesn’t say it anywhere.

  • TripleA

    Political Situation: The Soviet Union begins the game at war with no one. The Soviet Union may not declare war
    on any European Axis power before turn 4 unless first declared war upon by a European Axis power or London is
    captured by an Axis power. It may declare war on Japan at the beginning of the Combat Move phase of any of its turns.

    Due to its separate treaties with Germany and Japan, the Soviet Union is in a unique position in its relationship with
    the Axis powers. As a result, if the Soviet Union is at war with Axis powers on only one map, it is still under the
    restrictions of being a neutral power (see “Powers Not at War with One Another,” page 15) on the other map.
    In other
    words, a state of war with Japan lifts those restrictions from the Soviet Union on the Pacific map only, and a state of
    war with Germany and/or Italy lifts those restrictions on the Europe map only

    Page 36

  • TripleA

    Page 15 (blue text box)

    Neutral Powers: When a power is not at war with
    anyone, it is neutral. Powers that begin the game
    neutral, such as the United States and the Soviet
    Union, aren�t initially part of the Allies or the Axis. The
    Axis powers are on the opposite side of these neutral
    powers, but they are not yet considered enemies.
    While a power remains neutral, it operates under
    even tighter restrictions. A neutral power can�t move
    land or air units into or through neutral territories.
    can�t move units into or through territories or onto
    ships belonging to another power or use another
    power�s naval bases, nor can another power move
    land or air units into or through its territories or onto
    its ships or use its naval bases.
    Russia cannot head into the middle east for the same reasons that USA cannot take Brazil until it goes to war.

  • I really appreciate that Cow

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