• TripleA

    Have your opponent play the allies with an extra 99 infantry on central usa.

    Win with the axis and overcome the 99 infantry challenge.

    Make sure you give the 99 infantry to your opponent on round 1. If you do it later he will get demoralized and quit.

  • I like it.  How did they ever make all those people?  lol

    This will get moved to House Rules.  I guarantee it.

  • TripleA

    The draft? How did Germany get so many people?

    USA starting with 99 guys is a pretty fun alternative to a bid. It makes a balanced buy usa strategy viable.

  • '15

    I got 99 problems but my troops ain’t one.

  • '14 Customizer


    Have your opponent play the allies with an extra 99 infantry on central usa.

    Win with the axis and overcome the 99 infantry challenge.

    Make sure you give the 99 infantry to your opponent on round 1. If you do it later he will get demoralized and quit.

    Cow, I was not demoralized by your offer. I resigned from the game due to lopsided dice.

  • TripleA

    Well yeah, axis send 2 attackers for each of your  one defenders… that is the game, it sucks for the allies because you know your stuff is going to get one shotted.

    Even in LL I would lose 1-4 air units. Usually 2 or 3 on that turn. For dd cruiser arty 2xarmor and an infantry. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

    That is the point I am making. Allies do not have enough starting units, especially when the axis can catch up in income so quickly.

    USA is garbage.

  • '14 Customizer

    I was expecting 2-3 loss of aircraft.  Because of the poor dice round 1 I was forced to abandon my plan to try to compensate and even then I lost battles.  That was the first forum game I ever played.  It was fun getting used to the system. Too bad the dice weren’t more balanced.

    Let me ask you this… If we took that game and switched sides (without the 99 inf) do you think you could win?

  • TripleA

    The allies start the game at a huge disadvantage, a round and a half later things got worse…


    Even with the 99 inf the allies are screwed. The 99 inf is basically me saying, I have you beat in the Pacific. I could care less about Europe. I got you in the Pacific.

    Granted it does make things easier for you to do stuff in Europe. You no longer have to buy units to load transports with, which is fine for me.

    If you continue to invest in Europe, I will win the Pacific and if you do not I will take Russia and maybe you can stop the Europe VC win later.

  • Customizer

    It seems to me that if the US start with 99 infantry in Central US, along with their other starting stuff, the US can have a really good invasion force on both sides.
    It would take a few rounds to build up a lot of transports and warships for defending the transports. I think once they have a good sized fleet, then get a decent amount of air power to back up all those infantry, I don’t think Japan or Germany could hold out.
    On the Pacific side, once they get enough warships to overpower the Japanese fleet, then about 25 or so transports lands all those troops right on Japan, I don’t think Japan would have enough to defend against all of that. Unless Japan just kept buying defensive infantry and piling it up on Japan. In that case, I would think they would be pretty weak in the south Pacific and China.
    On the Europe side, the US wouldn’t need as much warships because of help from the UK. Neither Italy or Germany can muster really big navies (compared to Japan) and I think the US could take Rome fairly easily then march all those men north. If Germany puts up too much defense, then they aren’t putting stuff into Russia and Moscow will probably be safe.

  • TripleA

    Well you are not supposed to get your normal bid. So it is entirely possible for the axis to win on either front.

    Thing is how many transports will you realistic load up and offload? It forces the axis to G6 Russia or get Japan nice n fat.

  • TripleA

    The 99 infantry challenge is actually pretty easy. It is meant to show how bad usa is.

  • '14 Customizer

    Put the 99 inf back in central and lets keep playing.

  • '12

    i would tend to agree that 99 inf in CUS is not a bid i would want to play a top axis player with.  that being said, i would probably take it against cow if he’d risk his axis to defeat against a tier 1 player.

  • I agree with both Bold and Cow.

    Bold is right: 99INF is not a viable bid to demonstrate anything. It does not take away the risks (at all!) against a top axis player.
    I also agree partially with Cow (after some more study) about the USA. Cow feels the USA is outright bad. I feel that the USA is indeed off-balanced.
    This is because A). Japan can take Calcutta and keep it untill ~J9 when it attacks Hawaii with a fleet/invasion force worth ~600TUV and B) this cannot be dodged by US DD blockers, since Germany can fly some STR to Japan to remove them.

    In other words: the USA cannot block off Japan indefinately, attacking the IJN if it moves forward in order to get in range of Hawaii. Therefore the USA must defend with a fleet worth ~570TUV (considerably more than what is needed for an attack on a blocked-off IJN) to prevent a Pacific loss for the allies, which leaves the USA with no more than a ~100IPC investment in the Atlantic for the first 9 turns…

    The charm of A&A just dropped from 10 to 3 points on a scale of 0 to 10 for me. The 3 points left are for playing against players who are not aware of this loophole, thus not forcing me to go KJF.

    I admit that this is not spelling doom for the allies because they can still go KJF, playing the allies in Europe like Gamerman said in another thread, but I find it highly disappointing that a KJF is the only way to go for the allies against this Japanese exploit (of what I call a loophole).
    I’m afraid the easiest way to fix this while keeping all other rules intact, is to correct/improve the current victory conditions (G40.2) in such a way that the USA regains the option of going Europe heavy. To a certain extend, ofc, because largely ignoring the Pacific should still be punishable with loosing the game.
    Brainstorm: why not set the axis victory conditions to 13 Victory Cities total. Europe heavy allies can prevent the Euro-axis from getting >6VC but then Japan will take 6VC (Hawaii), totalling 12 for the Axis and the battle for that 13th VC still looks like a tough way with a LOT of options to go for both sides…

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