• What is the best mix of units to buy for a grinding land war? Does not have to only apply to Global. I tried using Infantry and Bombers as Germany in 1942 second edition and it just became a stalemate on the eastern front.

  • The game is designed to be balanced, so if both buy the same stuff, it will be a stalemate for sure.

    The best land combo IMHO is 4 inf, 1 art and 1 tank, now you got both punch and fodder to a fair cost.
    But if the front moves away from you, you will need speed and range too, then buy 6 mech and 1 tank. After that you need planes

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    If you’re planning to attack (and really, 90% of the time you should be), I like a ratio of 2 MInf for each tank.  If the attack is imminent - just tanks.  One problem I’ve noticed with Germany advancing with a huge stack of Inf and Art is that Russia can simply avoid you forever.  Sure, you’ll march into Russia, but the forces are still there causing problems.  That’s why I only buy fast movers for Germany, except for a few Art built in Ukraine in the last few rounds.

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    INB4 math statistics and probabilities freaks

  • TripleA

    If mobility is an issue mech and armor.  1-2 mech per 1 armor.

    If you have an army already advanced that is mostly infantry, strait armor to catch up and hit.

    If army is next to you, inf arty inf, inf arty inf, inf arty inf….

    If you have difficulties doing mental math just follow this general rule of thumb for all axis and allies boards. Germany generally buys mech and armor in global. Only for defending later in the game do you get inf and arty.

    You could buy all artillery for germany round 2 then plan to attack Russia on round 7. That is a much more conservative approach which is fine.

    In aa50, revised, and classic. Armor costs 5. For classic buy armor the round before you attack, that is it. For revised and aa50  you generally end up with lots of tanks, because tanks are 5 ipc… sure you want infantry as cannon fodder.


    With uk  in revised and aa50 this is more important, 4 inf (1 per transport) 4 armor is ideal, if you cannot afford, 4 inf 2 arty 2 armor or 4 inf 3 arty 1 armor is really close to the ideal attack probability wise… if you expect all your units to die after 1 round of combat 4 inf 4 arty.

  • From my experience, having a higher attack pt count than my opponent, balanced with decent probability. A lot of arty combined with infantry and mech to raise my chances at relatively low costs. I also purchase 3-4 arm per turn to bring some punch and double the amount of units in the fight. I think the arty makes a huge difference in the grind. Using air is also really helpful to minimize casualties for the smaller battles to reduce the of rounds in combat.

  • TripleA

    For global it depends on what round you are attacking. Like for Germany you pretty much go all mech and armor to attack on G6. Otherwise you do round 2 strait arty then you attack Russia on G7 (buying mech/armor for the other rounds).

    That is pretty much it. Like other units simply do not make it in time. Like your entire german force collides on russia at a specific round. You only need to hold germany, everything else lost can be reclaimed after russia falls including france, I mean you should be using Italy to defend anyway, it has nothing better to do.

    If you do a more economic style of play then you probably invested into the middle east and a more defensive style. So yes then you have a more mixed buy going on.

    Global is a freaking long game to play income style with, just win, it is faster.

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