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  • So, i was playing some Axis&Allies with my friends, when i noticed that at some point they always take some pen and paper and try to guesstimate the chances of their armies. And i thought to myself, there has to be a better way to do that.
    TripleA has a battle simulator, which is nice when playing online, but tampering with a laptop while playing on a real board is suboptimal. Then i took a look into the android market, but did not find something suitable.

    Hence, naturally, and since i possess (some) knowledge of java, i decided to make an app for that.

    Here are some screenshots of the current build v0.7:
    Apparently i’m not allowed to post links… so i can’t show you my album at https: // /a/LsUGV

    I think it’s ready to go into the Market, there’s only one slight problem: the name. The way i understood it, Wizards of the Coast won’t like the “AA” in the current name AABattleCalc.

    I’m not the best with coming up with names. Ideally it should reflect that it’s designed for Axis&Allies games, but not conflict with Wizards of the Coast…
    Do you guys have a suggestion?

  • So, i’ve put it up on the play store. Just search for BattleCalc

    Hope you guys like it.


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