• Hey, I’m playing Axis and Allies Europe and I don’t have time to figure out all the updates and etc.  I’m playing Axis and Allies 1940 OOB setup; what is the “fair” bid for the game?  Thanks.

  • ok ill admit im a moron but what is bidding all about? ive seen other people talk about it but cant figure out what it is LOL

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    You are not a moron; it is a regular question. (Years ago, I, too, had no idea what people were talking about.)
    Many find one side or the other to have too much of an advantage, so require extra units to play that one side. Giving those extra units is known as a bid.
    In Global, the Axis are overpowered. An Allied player would require, demand even, an extra 10 or 12 IPCs worth of units. Where he puts those units is up to him.
    In your group, if people keep winning as one side, give the losing side more units.
    Hope that explains if for you.

  • ok now I feel better… LOL thank you for the help!

  • Allies need a bid. I am not sure what the right amount would be, but the minimum would be 6 for a sub in sea zone 98.

  • I have tried to look for some games of Europe 40 2nd Edition in the play by forum section, for assessing the most used BID amount, I am not able to found any.

    A 6 IPCs BID for Allies, in OOB, is enough for having a better balanced game? Do I get it correctly? But for the 2nd Edition. It seems that Allies have the edge with the updated rules.

    EDIT: post updated for clarification.

  • This might be the most broke version yet. The biggest mistake this version made was German bombers. Germany’s bombers can nearly everywhere important on the map. US might seem strong, but in reality they need to spend so much on fleet protection that they hardly have a landing force worth noting, and Italy can handle them alone while Germany turn 6 or 7 takes Moscow.

    You will see what I mean by Germany’s OP bombers when he has 10 on western Germany.

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