Multinational Forces Submarine Rules

  • Sorry to ask these questions so late but it has just come up in one of our recent games and I couldn’t fine the answer using the board’s search engine.  So….here goes:

    A sea zone containing an English cruiser and carrier with one fighter along with a Russian sub, is attacked by a German fleet containing one sub, one bomber, one cruiser, and a battleship.  Neither side has a destroyer.

    The questions are:

    1.  “does the Russian sub get first strike capabilities along with the German sub?”
    2.  “if 1. is yes, does it fire back on a roll of 1?”
    3.  “if 1. is no, does it defend on the normal combat roll?”

    Any help would be appreciated…thanks!

  • Official Q&A

    The Soviet sub gets Surprise Strike, hitting on a 1.

  • Thanks!…

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