• Lets say Budapest, there is 8 russian infrantry and 6 Austria/Hungry infrantry in Budapest. There is 6 german infrantry and 3 german artillery
    In Galacia, and its now germanys turn and i move into Budapest to try to attack the 8 russian infrantry do only the germans attack or also the germans attack then the astria/hungry units attack aswell and then the russians defend or just the germans attack and russians defend?

  • German units attack only. Units on same side can not attack together, but they always defend together. Also when you attack a territory lets say with german artillery (with infantry of course) and there is an Austro-hungarian fighter, german artillery won’t attack @ 4.

  • Thanks mate helps alot 🙂

  • That rule must be changed. … It’s historically inaccurate

    In my games I have all the CP powers moving
    And attacking together and it has not caused
    One problem. …

    Infact… It speeds up the game
    And our games go longer…

    My wargame group has played this game twice
    Now with the allies and CP powers
    Taking there turns togther and it is a blast

    One game went 15 turns…

    Game turn one starts off with each country taking its turn individually
    As specified in the rules. …

    Then I have the Central Powers take their turn together with the Allies
    Taking their turn together. …

    I strongly urge everyone make this change. …

    You will fall in love with this game. …

  • The rules you mention sound more like the game diplomacy then anything else.
    Also Turn order is useful, because it points the difficulties of working as a team.

  • Sound so… err… unbalancing  😄

  • Ummm….


    When I use my rule changes the battles rage all over the map
    Not one problem occurs…

    Infact we had different territories change hands multiple times…

    Russia actually stays in the war longer… (TURN 7)

    The game moves much more efficiently. …

    If you don’t try it…

    Your missing out one one of the best war games
    Ever written. .

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