Delta Deck: cards for playing G40 Delta house rules

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    Man those cards look great. Really can’t wait to get them for myself. PLEASE let us know when they will be available.
    Much praise to Young Grasshopper to doing all this work. At least it was a labor of love.

    Thanks KNP, it has definitely been a lot of fun and the colabrative experience with everyone here has been incredible. My group members are not A& visitors, so they have no idea what these cards look like, and I’m very excited to see their reaction tomorrow. Next week will be all about prepping the file and designing the card deck in artscow, won’t be long now and I will for sure inform all interested parties when they’re ready.


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    Incredible Young Grasshopper,  very good job!

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    Incredible Young Grasshopper,  very good job!

    Thanks Cyanight.

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    Sorry everyone, I will need to push my deadline to another week, there is a lot involved in preparing the illustrator file to work in artscow. I will do everything I can to make these cards available to everyone here as soon as possible.

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